Updates Of Aaron Judge’s Injuries 2016 To 2021:

Aaron Judge, the Yankees’ right fielder, has been injured a lot in his career.

Quite often, in fact, but be wary of the phrase “injury prone.” Despite his one-of-a-kind body. which he’s exploiting to carve out a major-league career unlike any other. His troubles appear to split between degenerative diseases and bizarre events.

The Yankees will continue to factor his injury troubles into any prospective extension. This is due after the 2022 season — and you can forget about the captaincy if Judge can’t play at least 162 games in 2021.

There’s a reason Yankee fans dread whenever they see a lineup without his name on it. And it’s not because they’re insane — well, not exactly.

He’s one of the league’s best players. We all know he’s a prodigy.

We only want him to prove it on a basis so that the Yankees can justify their impending investment in his services.

Update on Aaron Judge’s injury

Judge is fine right now, but he’s sticking to a strict maintenance schedule. Especially when it comes to Tropicana Field’s turf. The judge will generally drop to DH when Giancarlo Stanton needs a day off to save his legs. The organization sought to mix in some rest days in the early half of the season. As he was cautious in the outfield in the freezing weather.

But, he is doing fine. After all, why else would he play center field? What’s more, guess what? Don’t respond to that.

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Soreness in Aaron Judge’s “Lower Body,” 2021

Aaron Judge's Injuries Soreness in Aaron Judge's "Lower Body," 2021
Soreness in Aaron Judge’s “Lower Body,” 2021

This is what we’ve been dealing with in 2021 from time to time. The judge scratched from the game on April 27 and did not return. On April 28 due to nonspecific lower-body stiffness, according to Aaron Boone. Judge also sat out the season’s seventh game, which took place on the grass in Tampa Bay. Yankees supporters were a little too loud in their attempts to yell. About how something was wrong with their slugger during both of these brief moments.

Oh, and don’t forget about Judge’s absence from a couple of games. At the conclusion of spring training due to feeling “under the weather.”

What was the source of this ache? Did it come from squeaky airline seats, as Boone suggested? Was this an Aaron Judge injury or a precaution by Aaron Judge? The maintenance schedule and hope everything stays in working order.

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Early August AND Late August 2020, Aaron Judge Calf Strain

Here’s why one team is being extra cautious with Judge this season. Rather than repeating their behavior from last season!

Big No. 99 arrived in the IL a few days after (wait for it) playing in Tampa, and the circumstances were, of course, intriguing. Judge hit a home run in a blowout victory over the Braves, but it wasn’t a huge one; it was a 7-1 game halfway through. Boone took him out of the game, which the Yankees were on the verge of losing. But, he was only playing to the score and giving his star a well-deserved rest. You’re aware of what happened afterward. He didn’t play the next day and was later placed on the shelf due to a calf strain.

  • The good news is that Judge returned at the end of August!
  • The bad news is that he injured the same calf and had to spend “double the time” repairing it.
  • This experience will inspire the Yankees to not give Judge an unneeded rest in the future.

Spring 2020, Aaron Judge Collapsed Lung and Rib Issue

Aaron Judge's Injuries Spring 2020, Aaron Judge Collapsed Lung and Rib Issue
Spring 2020, Aaron Judge Collapsed Lung and Rib Issue

This was a big ol’ injury sequence cluster. The judge reported springing training in 2020 with an unspecified ailment. It wasn’t a shoulder, it wasn’t an oblique…it was a pain that seemed to be undiagnosable, which is the worst type of pain.

The judge had a shattered rib, which chose a stress fracture, as well as pneumothorax. all as a result of a diving play against the Angels in September of 2019. He plans to miss a large part of the season before the epidemic caused the season to be postponed until late July.

The judge spent the whole 2019 postseason in excruciating agony and flew on many road trips. That a doctor would have recommended him not to take in his condition.

April 2019: Aaron Judge’s ‘Significant’ Oblique Strain

The judge left midway through an April thrashing of the Kansas City Royals. what would later be diagnosed as another oblique strain? He wouldn’t return until June 21, setting the tone for the “Next Man Up” Yankees. A team that never seemed to have more than a couple of studs in its lineup.

Wrist Fracture in Aaron Judge, July 2018

This Aaron Judge injury is bizarre, but that doesn’t make it any less painful.

The 2018 Yankees started the season with a near-impossible deficit in the AL East, as the Red Sox went on a 17-2 run. But, by July 26, the team was back in the race, only 4.5 seconds behind the leaders.

That’s when Jakob Junis of the Kansas City Royals put an end to the divisional chase. Striking Judge on the wrist with a fastball and sending him to the disabled list for two months. He appeared to have regained his form by the postseason. But it was too late to avoid the Wild Card Game and the humiliation at the hands of the Red Sox.

Offseason Surgery on Aaron Judge’s Shoulder in 2017-18

Aaron Judge's Injuries Offseason Surgery on Aaron Judge's Shoulder in 2017-18
Aaron Judge’s Injuries Offseason Surgery on Aaron Judge’s Shoulder in 2017-18

Remember when Judge was bad for about a month after his great Home Run Derby performance? And he was icing his shoulder every day despite the fact that “nothing” was wrong with it? After playing through pain in the 2017 postseason. It turned out he needed offseason arthroscopic surgery to correct the problem.

That’s the essence of the whole “Judge” thing: he performs through agony. It’s not because he wants to miss a few games to deal with difficulties.

Grade 2 Oblique Strain, Aaron Judge, 2016

Judge’s shaky debut, in which he struck out in half of his 84 official at-bats. It was cut short by a Grade 2 oblique strain a few weeks early. , it did.

He’d have to fight for a position on the roster the next spring, which turned out to be a good thing in the end.