Top 10 Hottest Female Wrestlers of WWE [Update of 2021]

Female Wrestlers

Female Wrestlers WWE is now almost 40 years old as it is one of the most popular sports competitions on TV. Throughout history, both men and women have fought for WWE. Lots of WWE days have come and gone over the years, but Stacy Keibler and Trash Streets have certainly been the core girls of the term for the past few decades. See who and who checks in the top ten.

1:Stacy Keibler Female Wrestlers

Stacy Keibler is the champion of the rankings whenever she goes out. You can look back over the last two decades, and the cable has not diminished in the slightest. She was born in Maryland, where she attended Town University and was a dancer focusing on jazz and tap dance. At age 18, Cabler was a cheerleader for the Baltimore Ravens. She started modeling and wrote for fitness magazines before getting small roles in TV and movies. Keibler re-entered wrestling in 1999 and retired in 2006. Of course, she has been inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame after many exhibitions and stories over the past 20 years.

2: Lana Female Wrestlers

Female Wrestlers

Catherine Perry runs under the name Lana, and she has come a long way in her WWE career. She was born in Gainesville, Florida, and is mostly from Portuguese and Venezuela. Lana spent most of her childhood in Latvia where she practiced ballet and went to reggae choreography school. She eventually moved to the United States, where she danced in New York before moving to Florida State University. After graduating, she moved to Los Angeles, where she began acting and music. She has appeared in various movies and TV roles over the years. Lana will sign for WWE, where she will play a Russian-language character and make her debut with Rousseff, who is now married to her.

3: Alexa Bliss Female Wrestlers

Alexa Bliss is an incredible athlete because of her growing participation in track, kickboxing, gymnastics and softball. She was also the cheerleader in the college. Bliss has always knocked for fitness because she was growing up in different competitions. She was signed to WWE in a development program in 2013 and went on to win the Raw Women’s Championship in 2017. She was a three-time champion and twice won the tag team championship. Outside of wrestling, she enjoys cosplay and is a fan of Columbus Blue Jackets.

4:The Bella Twins

Female Wrestlers

Here we meet two special people with Bella Twin, as they are one of the most famous couples on the tag team in WWE. Brie and Nikki Bella were born in California but lived in Scottsdale, Arizona. The two will bounce southwest and end up in San Diego, where they got jobs modeling and acting. He had signed development agreements with the WWE before making his debut in a few matches. Both the gods will become champions and have a successful career. He will be inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2020.

5:Maryse Female Wrestlers

Female Wrestlers

Another WWE girl north of the border is Maryse Ouellet. She was born in Montreal but now lives in California. Maris began her modeling career early, winning various pageants such as Miss Hawaiian Tropic and winning the cover of Playboy magazine in 2007. He tried for Diva Search, where he made the final eight but was cut after the last round. She eventually did her job and became the WWE Divas Champion. He has a degree in business administration and a black belt in martial arts.

6: Torrie Wilson Female Wrestlers

Female Wrestlers

Torrie Wilson is another WWE icon who headed the organization. She was born in Boise, Idaho, where she grew up in cheerleading and developed an interest in modeling. She went to Los Angeles to start with acting classes. Wilson’s wrestling career got off to a fantastic start when she appeared on the WCW show in 1999 and left the ring with Scott Steiner. After that she was very interested when she continued in different storylines for the game. Wilson’s career began when she appeared in several shows and was on the cover of Playboy magazine. Wilson was enlist into the Hall of Fame in 2019.

7:Trish Stratus

Female Wrestlers

Trish Stratus is WWE’s most memorable day ever and has been sent as an inspiration to a new generation. She was born in Toronto, Canada and began her career at York University, playing football and field hockey. As a result of the strike, he began shooting a muscle magazine where he caught the eye of the WWF. Straits started in 2000 because she was right hit from the bat because she was one of the biggest names in WWF history. Straits became a part of the big three with Stacey Keibler and Torrie Wilson, also wrestling at the time. He was enlist into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2013.

8:Peyton Royce

Female Wrestlers

Cassandra Mclntosh accompanied Peyton Royce in the ring and is an Australian wrestler and model. She works with Billie T as a tag team duo. Growing up, Royce was based in Melbourne and then Calgary to begin training. He toured the independent circuit before signing with WWE in 2015. She currently wrestles and is a major video game character on WWE 2K19 and 2K20. The highlight of her career is ending the Women’s Tag Team Championship.

9:AJ Lee

Female Wrestlers

AJ Lee was born in New Jersey, where she survived a difficult childhood and was deeply moved by her brother’s interest in the WWE. She graduated from high school and attended the New York Tisch School of the Arts. After leaving, he began training full-time as a wrestler. Early in her career, she attended a trout camp where she continued to advance on the autonomous circuit. He started filling out, working his way up, and appearing on Raw and SmackDown. Lee is married to CM Punk and has worked in writing and film since his retirement.

10:Rosa Mendes

Female Wrestlers

Rosa Mendes began returning to the WWE in 2006, and she recently retired this year. Mendes is a mix of Costa Rican and Czech but was born and raised in Vancouver. Prior to pursuing a career in modeling, she studied business at the University of British Columbia. He found his way to WWE via Diva Search, where he did not do so but signed an internship deal. Mendes will start joining the ranks as a tag team duo with Santino Marella. She moved to the ECW brand before joining RAW. Mendes was a central feature in various men’s events and women’s championships.