Top 10 fastest bowler in the History of cricket

Top 10 fastest bowlers in the History of cricket :

Glenn McGrath is the best Test bowler ever, however he isn’t the quickest green top, fun pitches are a heaven for quick bowlers. In any case, particularly thus, for the accompanying arrangement of bowlers who utilized speed as their essential weapon. Dissimilar to bowlers who utilized an assortment of abilities, such as swing and variety of speed, these bowlers threatened to restrict the batsman on account of the sheer speed of their conveyances. So who was the quickest bowler ever? Does any current bowler make it into this rundown? We at Sports keeda chose to list the best 10 quickest bowlers throughout the entire existence of world cricket.

10: Shane Bond(Fastest ball: 156.4 kmph)

This Kiwi quick bowler was an inconceivable ability who got seen at the beginning phases of his profession for his speed. Be that as it may, Bond was tormented by numerous wounds which influenced the life span of his profession. He actually figured out how to pick many wickets in his vocation and was viewed as a major danger by numerous batsmen all throughout the planet.
Bond’s quickest conveyance was 156.4 kmph during the World Cup in 2003.

9: Mohammad Sami(Fastest ball: 156.4 kmph)

Mohammad Sami is the second quickest bowler throughout the entire existence of Pakistan cricket. He came into the spotlight at the earliest reference point of his vocation yet couldn’t keep going long in global cricket because of a progression of injuries and inappropriate behavior. His quickest conveyance, 156.4 kmph was against Zimbabwe in April 2003.

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8: Mitchell Johnson(Fastest ball: 156.8 kmph)

Mitchell Johnson is the first of a couple of Australian quick bowlers to highlight in our rundown of quickest bowlers ever. While he appreciates playing against England, his record in Tests suggests that there are not many nations against whom he doesn’t play well. Given his preference for English batsmen, it is nothing unexpected to note that his quickest ball came against them.
His quickest conveyance was timed at 156.8 kmph against England in December 2013 at MCG.

7: Fidel Edwards(Fastest ball: 157.7 kmph)

Fidel Edwards is the second quickest West Indian bowler ever. His quickest conveyance of 157.7 kmph came against South Africa in 2003. He held the record of being the quickest current bowler until a specific Australian went along and bowled a thunderclap in 2015.

6: Andy Roberts(Fastest ball: 159.5 kmph)

Andy Robert
Andy Robert

This previous West Indian quick bowler was a piece of the incredible four-headed quick bowling assault of West Indies during the 1970s. Roberts was the quickest among all and was quite possibly the most dreaded bowler of his time. His quickest conveyance was 159.5 kph against Australia in Perth 1975.

5: Mitchell Starc(Fastest ball: 160.4 kmph)

Mitchell Starc
Mitchell Starc

Coming into this rundown, the kind of thunderclap against New Zealand in the second Test at the WACA is Mitchell Starc. The lamentable batsman, who was in a bad way was Ross Taylor, who kept out a horrendous yorker from Starc, which is the second-quickest conveyance throughout the entire existence of Tests.

Famous for his capacity to bowl quick, in-swinging yorkers, Starc reaffirmed the conviction that he is the quickest bowler presently playing the game. Tragically for him, he isn’t even the quickest Australian bowler nor did he convey the quickest ball at the WACA. That honor goes to the bowler straight above him in this rundown.

4: Jeff Thomson(Fastest ball: 160.6 kmph)

4: Jeff Thomson(Fastest ball: 160.6 kmph)

Unbelievable Australian quick bowler Jeff Thomson was known for his fantastic speed. He was the quickest bowler of his period. Thomson took down 160.6 kmph against the West Indies in Perth 1975.

3: Shaun Tait(Fastest ball: 161.1 kmph)

3: Shaun Tait(Fastest ball: 161.1 kmph)

Shaun Tait came into worldwide cricket with a great deal of guarantee. He made his introduction in 2007 and before long came in the spotlight because of his extraordinary speed. Be that as it may, tragically, he chose to resign from global cricket at 28 years old in 2011 as he was tormented by a progression of wounds.
Tait bowled his quickest conveyance of 161.1 kmph against England.

2: Brett Lee(Fastest ball: 161.1 kmph)

2: Brett Lee(Fastest ball: 161.1 kmph)

This Australian speedster is viewed as extraordinary compared to other quick bowlers, time. He had inconceivable speed and was a faultless wicket-taking bowler. In contrast to his contemporary speedsters, the life span of his profession was lucky.
Lee’s quickest conveyance was 161.8 kmph against West Indies at Brisbane in 2003.

Channel Nine later concocted an amendment expressing that their chronicle for 161.8km/h was for sure an error. His quickest conveyance is authoritatively recorded at 161.1km/h, the one against New Zealand in 2005.

1: Shoaib Akhtar(Fastest ball: 161.3 kmph)

Shoaib Akhtar(Fastest ball: 161.3 kmph)
Shoaib Akhtar(Fastest ball: 161.3 kmph)

Shoaib Akhtar, famously known as ‘Rawalpindi Express’ is viewed as the quickest bowler on the planet. He timed a speed of 161.3 kmph against England in the 2003 World Cup making it one of the quickest balls in cricket history. His normal bowling speed fluctuated between 145 to 150 mph.

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