Top 10 best players of Real Madrid’s Football Club:

Real Madrid's Football Club

Real Madrid’s biggest players so far have donated a pair of soccer shoes, and as you can imagine, choosing their top ten was no easy task. Los Blancos have won the European Cup record 13 times, are one of the most decorated football clubs on the planet and have even been named FIFA’s team of the century. So you can only begin to imagine the number of stars that have passed through the gates of Santiago Bernabeu over the years.

Here are the list of Top 10 best players of Real Madrid’s Football Club:

10:Fernando Hierro

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The legendary Real Madrid captain has been at the back of the Spanish capital for more than a decade and has played for the club more than 600 times. Surprisingly, his best moment came in the 1998 Champions League final, where the hero silenced Juventus’ Alessandro del Piero for the entire game when Real won 1-0. During his time at the Bernabeu, the hero will be on his way to two more European titles, but perhaps more impressive were the 147 goals he scored from the defense – it wasn’t bad to go to the old-fashioned center half.

9:Francisco Gento

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Gento, affectionately known as Paco, was a serial winner and joined the legendary Real’s most decorated players. He played in eight European finals for Los Blancos in more than three decades and was part of the winning team on six occasions. But Pico’s exploits do not stop there. His trophy cabinet should be practically torn as he claimed no less than 12 La Liga titles with major aspects of Madrid in the 1950s and 1960s.

8:Raymond Kopa

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Kopa became the first Frenchman to become European champion after a 2-0 victory over Madrid’s Fiorentina in 1957, after Ballon d’Or. The Italian victory was the first of three European titles to win the Copa during their short three-year victory over Madrid. ‘Little Napoleon’, when his history was made by the famous publication Marca in Madrid, formed a great partnership with Frank Pix in the attack and scored 24 goals in 79 games.

7:Luka Modric

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Another Ballon d’Or winner, Modric, was lauded in 2018, completing his hat-trick of consecutive European victories with Madrid. The crappy Croatian has been Real’s creative coach in midfield since 2012 and has established himself as a global artisan. Surprisingly, he only has the name La Liga, but that includes his four Champions League victories – and he will be remembered in the Spanish capital as one of the greats of the modern era.

6:Sergio Ramos

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Remixing the character after moving from Seville to the Bernabeu in 2005, Remus removed the manual when he spoke of lighting half of a stereotype. Real’s charming leader has scored in each of his 15 seasons with the club, and his 90 goals for Madrid have led to four La Liga victories and four Champions League victories. The defender is a naturally born winner and certainly wears his arm on his sleeve – his performance is perhaps the most carded in Spanish history.


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Raul was undoubtedly the biggest scorer to beat Madrid’s whites, even with a special Cristiano Ronaldo (more on that later). But despite this, the Spaniard is still regarded as the greatest player to ever play for Los Blancos, and his signature kiss of finger celebration has not been seen on less than 323 occasions. True to form, he was an inspiring captain, who went on the field and his goal-scoring feats were awarded six La Liga titles and three European Cups. He also has a record number of appearances at the club, a whopping 741 times.

4:Hugo Sanchez​

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Hugo Sanchez was something else, a Mexican striker who is widely known as a showman, as well as a magician. Sanchez’s Afro was quite eye-catching but he helped the real loyalists with his acrobatic volcanoes and amazing goal celebrations. Fernand Bernabeu is best known for his grace on the sacred turf and has scored 208 goals in 282 appearances during this period, earning him five Spanish league titles. Surprisingly, some people think it’s baseless – it drives you crazy when you see some of its highlights.

3:Alfredo di Stefano

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Really highly praised, Stefano is considered to be one of the greatest footballers of all time and is the only recipient of the Super Ballon Dor to be awarded in 1989. During the 1950’s, the blonde Arrow won five Ballon d’Or trophies, with Madrid winning five European titles each. He is Madrid’s all-time leading goalscorer in El Clasico with Cristiano Ronaldo, has scored 17 goals against Barcelona and has won eight La Liga titles in his 11 years with Los Blancos.

2:Ferenc Puskas

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‘Puncho’ has been named the best left foot to play in the famous white shirt (sorry, Gareth Bale) and the Hungarians often used their silk skills to soften the decoration of Medina. Surprisingly, he arrived in the Spanish capital at the age of 31, but he showed that age was the only number when he scored an astonishing number of goals with 242 goals in 262 games. Portli Striker’s extraordinary goal scoring touch helped Madrid win three European crowns and five La Liga titles. That was his success in backing the net, with FIFA later winning the 2017 Hot Shots of the Year award for Hungary.

1:Cristiano Ronaldo

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Despite the real grease representing Real, the CR7 stands on its head and shoulders above all with these five Ballon D’or wins. Man is not just man. He scored more goals than the games he played for Madrid, a staggering 451 strikeouts in 438 games. He broke every goal scoring record with imagination and although the Ronaldo vs Messi controversy will last forever, there will be no dispute that the Portuguese are taking the numbers when it comes to the real Madrid.