Top 10 best Liverpool plyers of all time

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Liverpool’s record-breaking season – currently on hold due to outbreak of coronavirus. That’s why the club’s former greats have been compared.

10:Kevin Keagen

When Kevin Keegan went to Hamburg | Hamburg | The Guardian

Kevin repeats Liverpool’s great success story. Kevin is still Cope’s best player. Kevin was put on the pitch by Shankley. Liverpool’s best because he changed a common aspect and left a great legacy behind – perhaps not the best pure footballer but certainly the most effective ever in Liverpool’s history!

9:John Barnes

John Barnes and his genius: Profile of a Watford and Liverpool legend | Football News | Sky Sports

When John Barnes played alongside Peter Beardsley, it was definitely one of the best and most magical times in LFC history. What a wonderful and talented player John Barnes was for “Pond”! – But (Norway)

 I had to add it to the list! This person is definitely a myth! Without a doubt a great player for Liverpool. Barnes had a way of inspiring the coupe with his powerful runs and brilliant goals. Third best player in Liverpool FC history.

Many years ahead of their time. I don’t think his drama will be seen out of place in Prem now.

8:Philippe Coutinho

Bundesliga | Philippe Coutinho: "I would like to stay at Bayern Munich"

I don’t know why he left Liverpool but when he was playing … as in my opinion he was a great player as well as a mentor. Coutinho has got a very good job … I am proud that he now plays for one of the best players in the world. Coutinho is outstanding. I think Countenho should be the captain because he always does his best and believes he can do it. He is an intelligent footballer. If he stays in Liverpool for 3/4 of the season, he could be one of the best. He deserves a high position and he is the man of the team.

7:Jamie Carragher

Jamie Carragher - Player profile | Transfermarkt

I saw one of Liverpool’s true symbols, winning the game for the LFC by repeatedly stopping the opposition’s score. MP Southport. Class player for club U loves Liverpool and Carregor. He has an offer for Liverpool that you can only ask Liverpool players.

6:Robbie Fowler

Appreciating Robbie Fowler: One of the Premier League's greatest-ever strikers - Liverpool FC - This Is Anfield

Some people will never know what the other side is. There is a place in the heart that finds its owner in the darkest circles but at the same time proves itself to be true. Robbie Fowler was born there, and made it impossible for anyone to hold him. This kind of fire is always on purpose. Feel lucky to have seen it.

5:Luis Suarez

Luis Suarez was sold by Barcelona against Lionel Messi's wishes and could beat him to a title - another controversial chapter after biting, abusing, and cheating rivals

This is Luis Suarez, right? What a player! He’s just great, and Liverpool should try to stick to it. It needs to make the front a more permanent ally. He is not the only Ranger and has faced loneliness this season. Maybe not the best role model, the most respected or the best player, but the best Liverpool has ever seen in technical ability. One of the best players in the world. Although Gerard may be the right choice emotionally and he is a true Liverpool legend, in terms of ability and qualification, anyone who doesn’t wear a red shirt is no better than Suarez.

 His goal scoring prowess, willingness to compete and passion made him the greatest player to grace the coupe. I clearly think UIS Suarez should be number 10 because he is a good goal scorer but Davis is a good football player Sinks in the field of what a diver he is but he is a very good player of Liverpool football club, we should stop him from diving everywhere. This stupid football staduim but most of all he is a fat crazy liver pool diver.

4:Fernando Torres

Fernando Torres completes incredible body transformation

Football has seen a lot of terrible players … from Pele, Maradona to Henry Ronaldo and Messi … but in my opinion … playing for Fernando Torres Liverpool was the greatest player I have ever played … ! … Although I’m a Chelsea fan. Torres gave Liverpool victories no one could give in 3 years! He has won Manchester United and Liverpool against Chelsea several times. He really was a Liverpool hero! His speed and agility are beyond imagination … Even though Gerard is a great player, he is equal to him! Fernando Torres is an amazing player, even if he betrayed the liver pool, he is still good.

3:Ian Rush

Ian Rush and nine more players who returned to the Reds - Liverpool FC

He has been praised more than any other player since then at Liverpool, as well as scoring more on how Gerard got more votes. This man is God who made us a good team. Gerard 28% voted for Gerard Why only 8% voted for the history of Liverpool, why not vote for a trophy-winning leg to vote for Ian Rush. Ian Rush was better than Gerard he should have been before. He has scored 346 goals so far. He is the best. Even Suarez can’t beat this guy. He can’t stop. I would say he is one of Liverpool’s best strikers.

2:Kenny Dalglish

Club Heroes: Liverpool's Kenny Dalglish | Shoot - Shoot

Kenny Dalglish retired in 1977 and moved from Glasgow Celtic to Liverpool in 1977. He made a total of 515 appearances for the Reds, scoring a total of 172 goals. He also won 55 international caps for Scotland. Date of birth: 04-03-1951 Born: Glasgow Liverpool First: 13 August 1977 vs Manchester United (N) Charity Shield: Draw 0-0 Second Club: Play: Celtic. Management: Celtic Honors with Blackburn Rovers, Newcastle United, Liverpool: First Division Championship: 1978/79, 1979/80, 1981/82, 1982/83, 1983/84, 1985/86 (Player / Manager), 1987 / 88 (Player / Manager) and 1989/90 (Player / Manager), FA Cup 1986 (Player / Manager), 1989 (Manager), Charity Shield 1977 (joint), 1979, 1980, 1982, 1986 (joint), European Super Cup 1977, Screen Sport Super Cup 1986 (Player / Manager) European Cup 1978, 1981 and 1984.

I think it’s easy to vote for the amazing Steven Gerrard, as he is the latest example of one of Liverpool’s true great friends, but through Kenny Dalglass’s class he is fighting in all departments, permanently. He was the best player so far. Liverpool teams. King Kenny will always be No. 1 in every way. If you look at what he did not only for Liverpool but also for football in this country. With the end of season 3 games. 42 games in a row. Kenny Douglas, he had it all. No one could read or play a game like this and the results show Liverpool, Celtic and Scotland. He was praised by all the fans for his loyalty to his fans and his clubs. Chris M.

1:Steven Gerrard

Seven of Steven Gerrard's best moments at Liverpool: FA Cup, Istanbul - Planet Football

In my opinion, the best English midfielder ever, far better than Lampard and Beckham. He is Mr Liverpool. He is loyal, he works hard, and he is an amazing football player. Once or twice, he saw that he had left us, but he left heartily and stayed. I like to see him on the football field, because whenever he plays: passes well, defends well, scores well, he can do well in the game. He unfortunately left Premier Leo and won a lot of trophies with us (which is why he deserves to win as a player).

She is also my role model. He is a true legend of Liverpool and England. YNWA Steven Gerrard Many experts have said that he was the best midfielder in the Premier League / World and his generation, he also peeled. Extremely timeless, playmaking, hardworking, captaining, both athletic, defensive and offensive powerhouse, with crazy long pass accuracy, incredibly long distance point shots from 40 yards (which he scored consistently) Was). You will be amazed at his long-term goals and his high support.

One of the best football players. The name is enough .. It is very lovely to see him in the field. He is the real game maker. These are not only the goals that make it world-class, but also the quality of passing, the longshots, the passion and the power behind the vision. No one can be as loyal as him. He is a real legend. Seriously the best player ever to play better than Messi, Ronaldo, Maradona and Peel, he is moving a little bit now but look at some of his videos and YouTube that he has scored some amazing goals. He’s a complete midfielder! Take a look at some of his goals and you’ll see why he’s the best player ever.