Seahawks QB: Russell Wilson progress During finger surgery

Seahawks QB: Pete Carroll says, Russell Wilson put on his typical no. 3 no-contact red jerseys Thursday morning. And headed to play on the VMAC together with his teammates.

But this time, and unlike this week Wilson the second time around had to walk to a field. On his own alone to complete an exercise session while the other players were practicing in a group.

Wilson’s fate will remain the same until at the very least next week following the time. That the team placed Wilson on injured reserve on Friday. That means he’s going to sit out the game this Monday with the Saints and next Sunday when he plays Jacksonville. Being placed on IR means Wilson can’t train with the rest of the team. something it was possible to do before places in IR.

But, Wilson has injured by a ruptured tendon as well as dislocation of his middle finger in October. 7. against the Rams He is now eligible to play again following the team’s bye to play in November. 14 game against Green Bay.

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Seahawks QB: Will be he?

Pete Carroll, the coach Pete Carroll said Thursday the Seahawks. Do not have a definitive time frame for when they will return to Wilson.

“We’re not calling it,” Carroll declared. “We’ve got to wait and see.”

When asked if it’s realistic that Wilson is likely to return for his Green Bay game, Carroll stated, “I don’t know. We don’t know. Doctors can’t explain that. And Russ cannot tell you that.”

But, Carroll added, “Russ is making progress. He’s definitely progressing.”

The challenge for Wilson, for now, is to keep in the best condition. That he can be until he’s capable of gripping and kicking a ball actually return to action. So, the training on the side fields on Thursday and other workouts like the one. On Sunday before the game in Pittsburgh in which Wilson played. What Carroll estimated to be about 200 games on his own walking across the field like he was calling a real game.

“It’s hard on him,” Carroll stated. “He is eager to get in the field. He’ll keep working hard to condition and challenge himself mentally. And to ensure he’s not losing anything else than the capability of throwing it. In fact, it’s amazing how he’s doing it. He’s doing it in the way you could achieve it. We’ll be watching for a positive outcome.”

In the meantime, Geno Smith will be Seattle’s quarterback of choice

Seahawks QB

There was no doubt. But, Carroll confirmed it during an explanation of the reason. Why did the team pick ex- Husky quarterback? Jacob Eason is off waivers Wednesday from the Colts.

Eason currently is the only quarterback on the 53-man roster after Smith and Smith. With Wilson on IR, and Jake Luton, and Danny Etling on the practice team.

But, Luton could be the backup this weekend. Atop Smith and the team will be capable of bringing him up. From the practice squad before the game on Monday against the Saints.

“going to see,” Carroll claimed of Eason. “He’s a fantastic player. We had thought about that was a while ago, but we’re now seeing him at our disposal. We could have a place on the roster and we could make it happen and we decided to take advantage of the opportunity.

“I watched him often during the preseason since. I had been watching the Colts. (Seattle’s opponent for the start of the campaign) and he was awe-inspiring. He wasn’t the most talented player in the nation. (coming from Lake Stevens High School) without a reason. He’s a true talent. We’ll wait and see. I’m not sure how this all fits in as of now. We’re not planning to get him in the game this weekend. Geno’s our quarterback. We’ll wait and take a look at what happens. This is taking a shot at a potential opportunity that is competitive and going after it.”

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Seahawks QB: Darrell Taylor hoping to play this week

Carroll claimed that rusher Darrell Taylor. Who takes off the field in the fourth quarter on Sunday night. Because of a neck injury will be attempting to take on the Saints.

“He won’t get much action today but he feels good,” Carroll told reporters about Taylor. Who take to the hospital in Pittsburgh for observation. But when medical tests revealed no indications of an injury that was significant. He cleared to back in Seattle along with teammates. “He has a stiff neck, that’s what the doctor said when released. That’s why after all the work we did to help him, and it’s as if the fact. That he’s slept on his neck and has suffered from a stiff neck. He feels as if that he’s playing. He is confident that he’s able to play and we’ll hope that this is the case.”

Taylor is leading Seattle in sacks, with four. He was listed as limited during practice on Thursday.

Collins is recovering well, Penny provides depth to the Penny’s RB team

Seahawks QB

Carroll said that none of the players injured on Sunday sustained serious injuries. This also includes playing back Alex Collins. They sat out in overtime after taking heavy blows to his glute and hip. Carroll said Collins was able to walk through an exercise on Thursday. He “looked OK” and should be ready to play on Monday.

“Encouraging in that regard,” Carroll declared.

Collins But, he was not listed as taking part in training on Thursday due to an injury to the groin.

In the practice room, Thursday was the 2018 first-round draft pick, Rashaad Penny. He has been out of the last five games because of an injury to his calf. The team must bring him back off IR to play on Monday but Carroll stated that’s the plan.

“He’s gunning to go,” Carroll declared. “He’s ready.”

Penny will provide Seattle a more running back, along with Collins DeeJay Dallas. DeeJay along with DeeJay Dallas, and Travis Homer with Chris Carson placed on IR. Carson expected to not play for the next two games but there isn’t a clear timeframe for when he will come back.

Carroll: Tre Brown will continue to play

Cornerback Sidney Jones also returned to practice. On a restricted basis following his exit from the Steelers game. During the initial Seahawks defensive play in the third quarter. The injury deems to be a chest injury but was later diagnosed as a concussion.

Carroll explained that Jones has recovered. “A little bit ahead of schedule,” and Jones cleared to practice on Thursday. He was classified as restricted.

Jones has played the last three games as a left cornerback. But replace during the time in overtime and the final quarter game on Sunday by newcomer Tre Brown. Brown was impressive with three tackles. One of which was to stop a third-down pass during the Steeler’s first play of overtime.

It was the first game for Brown’s NFL career. He played 40 total snaps, and by Pro Football Reference. He was able to complete only two of five targets, resulting in 9 yards.

Although Carroll would not say who would start. He did mention it doesn’t matter Jones recovers. Brown was a fourth-round pick from Oklahoma at the draft in 2021. Could get some playing time against the Saints.

“very comfortable about him playing, so he’s going to play in the game for sure,” Carroll stated.

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Seahawks QB:Notes

  • Guard Damien Lewis, who left in the third quarter suffering from shoulder injuries. He was not playing on Thursday. Carroll But, Carroll before stated. That before practicing Lewis was likely to take part. That was a sign that the injury isn’t too serious.
  • DE Alton Robinson took a single snap with the Steelers. But, Carroll stated that the reason for that was not because of an injury. But more due to how the rotations played out. Robinson “got removed from the rotation because it occurred. Robinson should have been playing more in the past week” Carroll said.

Also listed as limited on Thursday are offensive linemen Brandon Shell (ankle). And Cedric Ogbuehi (biceps).