Seahawks QB: late-season playoff push runs into surging Rams

Seahawks QB: Quandre Diggs was a player with Matthew Stafford every day. In the practice room for 4 1/2 seasons in Detroit. So the Seattle safety has a bit more. About the habits and abilities of Los Angeles’ quarterback than his fellow players.

“That’s my guy,” said Diggs who is the top Pro Bowl vote-getter among NFC free safety players. “He’s going to try to attack me, and I’m going to try and get him.”

The Seahawks (5-8) will seek any advantage they can gain. As they head on Sunday to SoFi Stadium Sunday for an NFC West showdown with the Rams (9-4). Which could prove crucial for the playoff chances of both teams.

Seattle is still awaiting the possibility of a surge in the final weeks of the season to contention. For the postseason following their 3-8 season’s start. Two consecutive wins have kept the Seahawks in contention. For their 10th consecutive winning streak under the guidance of coach Pete Carroll. But a defeat in Inglewood could end the streak and be insurmountable in the NFC playoff game.

“According to the outside, we were out of it two weeks ago, and it doesn’t matter. What we’ve done the last two weeks,” Diggs declared. “We’re still 5-8. … The group is content with our discomfort. At this moment, we’re in a difficult situation which is why we must take it on.”

The Rams have also managed two consecutive wins following a without a win in November.

They have also secured their fifth consecutive successful season. In the hands of Sean McVay. something the franchise hasn’t achieved in more than four decades.

They’re top of the playoff wild card standings and are maintaining. The pressure to NFC West leader Arizona (10-3) with four games remaining. But, each game left to play on Los Angeles’ schedule looks tough.

Seattle isn’t an easy game, even when the Rams have won seven times. The rams had a chance to win seven times in the nine previous matches. Including the games played on Lumen Field in last year’s playoffs, as well as in the October of last year’s. The Seahawks haven’t scored even 20 points in the last five encounters with the Rams.

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Seahawks QB: Getting well

Seahawks QB

The Rams aren’t likely to get much training time. This week because of the emergence of COVID-19 cases in their roster. On Wednesday the number of players was 16 on the reserve/COVID-19 roster. Though only a few players affect. This comprised 2021 All-Pro defense forward Jalen Ramsey. McVay wouldn’t have trained in any way. On a brief week following Monday’s victory against Arizona. but, the Rams are likely to be out of sync with Seattle.

“This is definitely something that’s been eye-opening. It’s something that (we) have to figure out,” McVay stated. “Nobody will regret it. We have to keep it moving. What will happen next is sure be fascinating.”

Seahawks QB: Numbers game

Although the numbers might say that the Seahawks have proven to be one of the top defenses of the NFL. Since their previous encounter against the Rams. Seattle is the fifth-highest scorer defense at the moment of the season. Surrendering 20.2 scores per game, and has not allowed any team to record more than 22 points in its week 5 loss to the Rams.

Seattle has made huge improvements in its defense on third downs. Its red-zone defense was among the top in the league over the course of time. The Seahawks still allow many yards to their taste and will must more pressure. On quarterbacks and that will be an important factor against Stafford.

“They do an excellent job protecting him. We have to improve our efforts at finding him. ” Seattle defensive coordinator Ken Norton Jr. said, “It’ll be a great challenge on our part.”

HEY, Penny!

One of the most memorable matches in Rashaad Penny’s career was back in 2018. When he ran to 108 yards with a score with the Rams. Since that time, Penny has shown that the same speed only on rare occasions, due to injuries.
One of those huge games was last week. When Penny was able to rush for a career-high score of 137 yards with two scores in a game against Houston. It was a great performance, yet it was against the most sloppy running defense in the NFL. The size of a game such as this one against the Rams will be a more impressive feat. For the first-round selection of 2018.

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Seahawks QB: Afford Stafford Stafford In Pocket

Seahawks QB

The Rams have bounced back from two disappointing offensive games in November. Scoring 95 points in the past three games in which they have Stafford getting back to his best. After a six-turnover flurry during that three-game slump. The first time he played in this rivalry back in a month. Stafford passed for 365 yards against the long-suffering Seattle defense. That is currently ranked at the bottom of the NFL yards allowed, and yet they are allowing 20.2 scores per game.

Seahawks QB: Delayed Reunion

Seattle Seattle TE Gerald Everett was looking forward to returning to his former team for Week 5. The game never came to pass because Everett placed reserve/COVID-19 roster. As well as not clear to face the Rams.

It’s been a difficult first year in Seattle for Everett who has accumulated 36 catches over 11 games. Everett was a mess two weeks ago, with two fumbles. As well as an unsuccessful catch which resulted in an interception and a rebound. That resulted in the touchdown catch the following week in Houston. Seattle might enjoy Everett becoming. An easier option to play in the passing game later into the year.

Russell Wilson Trade Rumors: Seahawks QB Interested in Playing in Giants, Saints, Broncos

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson reported being thinking of abrogating his no-trade clause. Following the 2021 season to join the New York Giant. New Orleans Saints, or Denver Broncos, per sportswriter Jordan Schultz.

The reports before mentioned there was a possibility. That Philadelphia Eagles may also be possible targets for Wilson in the event. That the Seahawks are willing to let him go and sell Wilson during the offseason.

There was speculation dating back to the end of last season. that Wilson interests in trade, but Wilson himself denied these rumors in June.

“There was a lot of people, there was a whole thing saying I requested a trade, and that’s not true. I didn’t request a trade. Everything kind of started from there. Tons of teams were calling and that the reality was I didn’t want to go anywhere else, I wanted to play in Seattle. But if I had to go somewhere, these are the teams I would go to or consider. At the end of the day, I have a no-trade clause, right?”

But, with the Seahawks suffering an 8-8 record this season, and playoffs being a distant dream. The possibility of Wilson’s desire to go to another team has come again.

The 33-year-old has experienced difficulties of his own:

This season throwing 2,042 yards fourteen touchdowns, and four interceptions. He completed 67.2 percent of passes over nine games. He’s had a 3-6 record as the team’s primary quarterback.

A part of his decline in playing is due to his injured finger, which caused him to miss three games. In five games before the injury, he was able to throw for the score of 10 times and one intercept. In the four games since the injury, he’s only thrown for four touchdowns along with three picks. This has raised questions of whether Wilson might have returned too early.

Whatever the case, it’s been a difficult year for Seattle and ongoing speculation. Wilson’s possible future decision to leave won’t make the situation anymore.

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