QB Rankings Of Week 17: 1-32 poll, every team’s non-QB MVP

QB Rankings: The process of selecting Most Valuable Players is something. The NFL Power Rankings takes. But, at the same time, we are aware of how easy it is to choose the quarterback. Then write a few sentences about him, and declare him to be the team’s MVP. Thus, we won’t make that mistake in 2021.

When you look through these teams selected. By our prestigious group of NFL Nation reporters. There won’t be names like Aaron Rodgers, Patrick Mahomes, and Lamar Jackson. Instead, you’ll find a wide range of players that aren’t quarterbacks from across the field. From top running backs, record-setting pass-catchers.

The top pass-rushers and defensive players. This list intends to highlight players who remain in the background. While quarterbacks adore. There are even punters and kickers on this list. Although we’re uncertain whether New York Giants. Jacksonville Jaguars fans will be happy about that.

How do we decide the Power Rankings: Our power panel, comprised composed of more. Then 80 journalists editors, TV stars, and writers examine the teams’ performance.

1: Kansas City Chiefs (11-4 QB Rankings)

Previous ranking: 2

Non-QB MVP: S Tyrann Mathieu

Since they have Patrick Mahomes out of the game. In this scenario, The Chiefs have other options for this award. But no one has had consistent like Mathieu. Mathieu is the first to say that this isn’t his best season. But Mathieu still leads in the Chiefs by the number of interceptions (with 3). And fumble recovery (also having three). He’s also the team’s leader in the locker room. It will not let the Chiefs give up on themselves after the bad start to the season. — Adam Teicher

2: Green Bay Packers (12-3 QB Rankings)

Previous ranking: 1

Non-QB MVP: WR Davante Adams

Yes, we know the Packers are 7-0 in the games that Adams hasn’t played since the start of the 2019 season. But, like Aaron Rodgers has said whenever the subject mentions in the media. The Packers aren’t a better team without Adams. Adams is the most effective receiver in football at the moment. His connection to Rodgers is unparallel. Besides Teams knows to give the most focus to him. such as his team the Ravens have in the week of Week 15 that his presence on the field is a huge benefit. Rob Demovsky

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3: Dallas Cowboys (11-4 QB Rankings)

Previous ranking: 4

Non-QB MVP: LB Micah Parsons

While there is a case put forward for Trevon Diggs’s performance. Parsons can do more to change the Cowboy’s defense. Parsons is the leader of the team with sacks. It has been a key player at crucial times and dominant in the scrimmage line as well as outside of the ball. And, to think about it, Parsons was the only player on their roster. Cowboys disappointed to not find one of the best cornerbacks.

On the market for the position in Jaycee Horn, or Pat Surtain II. Being in a position to trade back and still get Parsons is an achievement. Parsons should be a lock choice for awarding the Defensive Player of the Year Award. It is one of the top candidates in the race for the Defensive Player of the Year Award. Todd Archer Todd Archer

4: Tampa Bay Buccaneers (11-4)

Previous ranking: 3

Non-QB MVP: Chris Godwin, WR Chris Godwin

Godwin is currently on injured reserve He is only two yards short of 100 receptions. Still, He still managed to rack up 1,103 yards receiving in 14 games during the time he played. Godwin was Tom Brady’s best receiver with a 77.2 percent catch rate. Also, Godwin showed how flexible he was as a blocker in the downfield. “He’s such a huge contributor on the field. But off the field too in his leadership, clutch plays,” Brady declared. “There’s no way to replace him.” — Jenna Laine

5: Los Angeles Rams (11-4)

Previous ranking: 6

Non-QB MVP: WR Cooper Kupp

This year’s Aaron Donald award season present to Kupp. Who is making an argument for being an NFL offensive player of the year? The first time he has been a Pro Bowl selection in five seasons, Kupp is on pace for winning the league’s “triple crown,”. As he is the leader in the league for the number of catches (132). As well as receiving yards (1,734) and touchdowns on receiving (14). If Kupp is successful and wins, he’ll be 4th player of NFL history to win.

It was along with Steve Smith Sr., Sterling Sharpe, and Jerry Rice. Kupp is also setting new standards by accumulating more than 90 yards over the 11 games he has played. In the seventeenth match, Kupp is on pace to equal the single-season singles. Season receiving record and smash the single-season record for receiving yards. Lindsey Thirty

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6: Indianapolis Colts (9-6 QB Rankings)

Previous ranking: 10

Non-QB MVP: Jonathan Taylor, RB Jonathan Taylor

It’s a lot too easy. Taylor isn’t the Colts MVP, Taylor is also a legitimate league MVP candidate. Taylor is the top player in the NFL in running attempts (297) as well as the yards (1,626) as well as touchdowns (17). Taylor’s efficiency has helped ease the burden of quarterback Carson Wentz. Taylor’s ability to dominate the field helps keep the defense. That’s made 31 mistakes during the game. -Mike Wells Mike Wells

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7: Buffalo Bills (9-6)

Previous ranking: 9

Non-QB MVPs S Jordan Poyer/Micah Hyde

This is a bit of cheating but neither Poyer nor Hyde would be able to win the award on their own. Wide receiver Stefon Diggs was also included considered but the league’s number. number one pass defense across different areas drives the two safety tandems. Poyer Hyde and Hyde remain the one pair of safety in the NFL. That has more than five interceptions per game this season. They’re fourth in interceptions in the NFL this season, and they have been able to defend 19 passes (10 Hyde, 9 Poyer). It’s possible to argue that Poyer merits this honor for himself. But it’s the duo that makes this defense successful. — Alaina Getzenberg

8: Tennessee Titans (10-5)

Previous ranking: 8

Non QB MVP DT Jeffery Simmons

Simmons is a disruptive player. Those crucial plays aren’t always visible on the scorecard even though. He’s one of the top league players with the number of sacks (7.5) for defensive interior linemen. It’s possible that Simmons is the main reason every. Whenever there’s an important play by the Titans defense.

Simmons is able to make the pocket collapse from the inside. It has led to many interceptions from the Titans. He is a key player on the defensive line, attacking offensive linemen. In the interior and preventing ball carriers from escaping causing an injury. Simmons’ position Simmons is able to block blockers allows linebackers. As well as safeties to make clear hits on running backs. — Turron Davenport

9: New England Patriots (9-6 QB Rankings)

Previous ranking: 5

Non-QB MVP: Matthew Judon

Following what is the worst performance of the season, losing 33-21 to the Bills. Where he was unable to always create the pass rush. Judon continues praise for his effort (12.5 Sacks). In the week prior up to the 16th week, he’d been the most disruptive player on the team and the CB J.C. Jackson. Also, kicker Nick Folk (34-of-37 on FGs) is in the conversation too. — Mike Reiss

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10: Cincinnati Bengals (9-6 QB Rankings)

Previous ranking: 14

The MVP of the Non-QB team: WR Ja’Marr Chase

Chase has provided the spark for an offense that is more dynamic. In the first week of this season, Chase showed his Bengals the explosive play. They wanted when they selected Chase with the fifth selection. As teams began to pay more attention to him this opened up opportunities. Those other wide receivers can perform. Particularly, it helped Tee Higgins reach 1,000 yards of receiving. At the start of his professional career for the very first time. Cincinnati needed a player who could play immediately. When it selected Chase and it seems to have it for this year’s Biletnikoff Award winner. — Ben Baby

11: Arizona Cardinals (10-5)

Previous ranking: 7

Rodney Hudson, a non-QB player MVP C Rodney Hudson

Hudson plays as Kyler Murray’s ears and eyes at the point of contact. He assists in setting the defense and assists in alerting Murray. The entire offense to formations and manages other linemen on. What appears to be a play-by-play basis. If Hudson is not in-game in the game, the Cardinals are in a state of difficulty in one way or another.

Hudson has been absent for five games so far this season also, Arizona was able to lose three of the games. Hudson was the experienced center player that Arizona was lacking for a long time. He offered the stability and security that enabled the Cardinals to begin off on a high note. beginning. — Josh Weinfuss

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12: San Francisco 49ers (8-7)

Previous ranking: 11

The MVP of the Non-QB team: DE Nick Bosa

It’s a huge challenge given the importance the roles of OT Trent Williams and WR Deebo Samuel have been. The trio deserves this honor. But, Bosa awards the honor because of two reasons. Bosa hasn’t been absent from any game this season. That’s even more impressive given that he’s recovering from an ACL tear. As well as it’s difficult to imagine what the Niners’ defense would perform without Bosa’s.

The cornerback position in San Francisco isn’t bad. But Bosa’s ability to produce an effective passing rush. (he has 15 sacks) and also get more double-teamed. Then any other edge player in the league hasn’t only helped keep the defense. On the field and among the top 10 teams in Defense-adjusted values over average (DVOA). — Nick Wagoner

13: Philadelphia Eagles (8-7 QB Rankings)

Previous ranking: 23

Non-QB MVP: CB Darius Slay

The Eagles are in a tie with the Cowboy’s offensive touchdowns for defense in the NFL with five. This is due to Slay who has recovered two fumbles that scored touchdowns. It has also scored an intercept in the league. Slay select as the fourth player selected for Pro Bowl last week, has nine passes blocked. As well as five tackles to losses while keeping opposing quarterbacks to an average of 77.2.

When they throw towards him. His high level of play has helped the defense. That has produced the second-lowest number of receptions with 20+ yards within the NFL (30). Behind that of Buffalo Bills. And ranked ninth against the pass (215.6 yards for each game). Tim McManus Tim McManus

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14: Baltimore Ravens (8-7 QB Rankings)

Previous ranking: 13

Non-QB MVP: TE Mark Andrews

Andrews is the clear winner of the Ravens MVP right now. Andrews leads all-league tight ends with the number of catches (93) and yards. He receives (1,187) and yards (1,187) also to be only 15 yards from establishing. The Ravens single-season mark for receiving.

But what makes him important? Being there when Baltimore’s top player fell. After Lamar Jackson injured his right ankle, Andrews leads the NFL with 376 yards. He also runs over tacklers to gain more yards. He is now the emotional leader of the team that has been through a lot of hardship this season. — Jamison Hensley

15: Los Angeles Chargers (8-7)

Previous ranking: 12

Non-QB MVP: S Derwin James Jr.

James is without doubt the best defensive player on this team. James didn’t take part in the loss on Sunday to Houston and was not able to take part. At the end of the time-stamp loss against the Chiefs due to a hamstring problem. Which highlights how much the Charger’s defense relies on James. In the previous week, he had 103 tackles including three forced fumbles.

As well as two interceptions. While injured, he was in the stands and assisted in the call-ups. The coaches say there’s no one like his in the NFL and the Chargers must him to be back. For their last two regular-season games if intend to take a serious shot at the playoffs. -Shelley Smith Shelley Smith

16: Miami Dolphins (8-7 QB Rankings)

Previous ranking: 16

Non-QB MVP: WR Jaylen Waddle

Since I’m certain I’m not allowed to present an award for Miami’s whole defense. We should give it to the guy who keeps the Dolphin’s offense important. The leading receiver of the team is consistent. He missed the win in Week 15 over the Jets when being in reserve/COVID-19. His absence was obvious since Miami’s receivers generated. An average of 2.2 miles of distance from the Jets secondary.

Waddle’s average for the season is 3.3 yards separation ranks eighth across the NFL. Among receivers with a high level of skill. He’s already broken a record. Set by the franchise rookie for receptions, registering 96. He is five plays close to tying the record for the NFL record for the rookie in this category. Marcel Louis-Jacques

17: Las Vegas Raiders (8-7)

Previous ranking: 21

The MVP of the Non-QB team: DE Maxx Crosby

The Pro Bowler who made his debut may not astonish his stats – -6 sacks over 15 games. But, he’s more than influencing games. As the leader spiritual of a completely redesigned and upgraded defense. Additionally, Crosby is a Pro Football Focus fan favorite. Placing as the top two of edge rushers for pressures.

Pass rush grades throughout the entire season. Coach Rich Bisaccia said Crosby was being treated for alcohol dependence in 2020. She has been demonstrating an attitude of “power of example” both in and off the playing field for his team. — Paul Gutierrez

QB Rankings

18: New Orleans Saints (7-8 QB Rankings)

Previous ranking: 17

Non-QB MVP: Alvin Kamara, RB Alvin Kamara

It was difficult to not choose one of the defensive players. Like LB Demario Davis and CB Marshon Lattimore. since the defense has been New Orleans’ driving force this season. But, Kamara has been the entire offensive due to injury to WR Michael Thomas. QB Jameis Winston, and on the offensive line.

Kamara averages close to 100 yards per match off the line of scrimmage (97.7). As well as scoring eight scores in 11 of the games that he’s been playing this year. The offense was even lower when he was not playing from Weeks 10-13. Due to injuries and the Saints losing 0-4 during the period. -Mike Triplett Mike Triplett

19: Pittsburgh Steelers (7-7-1 QB Rankings)

Previous ranking: 15

The MVP of the Non-QB team: OLB T.J. Watt

Watt has proven to be an indicator in Steelers fans. Steelers during the season. If Watt is playing less than 50% of his snaps in games. That he’s been unable to play due to injury The Steelers are currently 0-4-1. There are two games left during the season. Watt is five sacks from matching the Michael Strahan NFL record for 22.5.

Watt has raked in a huge payday shortly. Before the start of the season and despite having suffered two injuries and missed two games. He has proven to be an excellent investment in helping keep the Steelers alive in a chaotic AFC. — Brooke Pryor

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20: Cleveland Browns (7-8 QB Rankings)

Previous ranking: 18

Non-QB MVP DE Myles Garrett

If he does or doesn’t become Brown’s initial NFL Defensive Player of the Year. Garrett has been the team’s MVP in Cleveland. This season broke the record of the franchise’s sacks for the season. Starting with Garrett’s 4.5-sack game in the third week of play at Chicago and his strip and sack.

As well as scoring during Week 14’s victory against Baltimore. Garrett has been an absolute powerhouse. In a contest against Pittsburgh’s T.J. Watt for the NFL title of the sack. Garrett trails only Watt in the league for passing rush wins (25.8 percent). Even though he’s battled an injury to his groin. Garrett has been among the top NFL players throughout the entire season. -Jake Trotter – Jake Trotter

21: Denver Broncos (7-8)

Previous ranking: 20

Non-QB MVP S Justin Simmons

Vic Fangio believes Simmons is an All-Pro Not only a Pro Bowler. As did Simmons’ Broncos coach confused with Simmons’ Pro Bowl snub the week before. Simmons expects to perform many things in Fangio’s plan. Despite the trade of Von Miller last month, Bradley Chubb missed eight games. And the team utilized eight inside linebackers. Because of injuries The Broncos tie with the No. 1 in scoring defense.

Additionally, Simmons is an integral part of it, playing in the deeper parts of the field. He is also required to provide support for runs and to work in the coverage of a variety of players. Simmons is second on the team with tackles, is the leader in interceptions. As well as a tie with the highest number of passes defended in all. -Jeff Legwold – Jeff Legwold

22: Minnesota Vikings (7-8)

Previous ranking: 19

Non-QB MVP Justin Jefferson. WR Justin Jefferson

The Vikings started to change their fortunes. After they put in an unwavering effort to get it to Jefferson at mid-point. This led to victories against both the Chargers and Packers. As well as it could result in comeback victories against Detroit. As well as against the Rams If the entire team does not hold its end. Minnesota is 4-2 in the season in the time that Jefferson exceeds 100 yards of receiving.

It’s obvious that the wide receiver, who is only 22 years old. Who has set the NFL record for the highest number of receiving yards (2,851)? By players in the initial two seasons is a star player that the Vikings would like to develop around. Minnesota has changed its game plan and plays. The majority of its offense is via Jefferson currently. The 22-year-old handles 37% of the teammates’ receiving yards. -Courtney Cronin

QB Rankings

23: Atlanta Falcons (7-8 QB Rankings)

Previous ranking: 24

Non-QB MVP: RB Cordarrelle Patterson

The majority of his time as a special team superstar. Who showed glimpses of offensive talent, Patterson became a revelation in 2021. Setting career records in every area in which he is a leader. Including running miles (579) and yards he received (523). He has also scored 11 touchdowns at the scrimmage. An all-time high, and accounts for 39.2 percent of Atlanta’s total receiving and rushing scores with Patterson in the field in the early part of the season.

Atlanta was scoreless for six consecutive quarters. Although cornerback A.J. Terrell and tight-end Kyle Pitts could make strong arguments. Patterson has such a vital down-to-down position to play for the Falcons. That it’s impossible to compete with. — Michael Rothstein

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24: Washington Football Team (6-9 QB Rankings)

Previous ranking: 22

Non-QB MVP Jonathan Allen. Jonathan Allen

The fight on the bench with fellow teammate Daron Payne on Sunday was not the only reason. Allen has had a fantastic season, which has resulted in the first time he has earned a Pro Bowl berth. Allen has been by far an unwavering player. At a higher level for Washington throughout the season. Allen set a record in sacks by accumulating 8.5.

It has also accumulated 10 tackles to lose which is seven more than the previous season. Allen claimed he’s been having the best season of his career due to his being more regular. Allen has been successful with many moves inside such as a hump. Which was a favorite of the late Reggie White. Washington’s problems with its defense this season don’t result from problems with Allen. -John Keim John Keim

25: Chicago Bears (5-10)

Previous ranking: 28

Other QB MVPs: DE Robert Quinn

The veteran has had the best season he has had. He hasn’t slowed down even a little bit since Khalil Mack went down during the campaign. Indeed, Quinn has only gotten better with 11.5 sacks in the eight games following Mack’s injury to his foot. Quinn is among only a few shining stars of an otherwise bleak season. Roquan Smith also is and was the only Bears player considered. With regards to filling up the statistics (fourth on the list in tackles with 149) during the season. — Jordan Raanan

26: Seattle Seahawks (5-10)

Previous ranking: 25

Non-QB MVP: FS Quandre Diggs

This is the first occasion since the beginning of time. Russell Wilson wouldn’t win the MVP of the team even the quarterbacks qualified. There’s a good case that wide receiver Tyler Lockett. (1,052 yards) and DK Metcalf (nine touchdown receptions). But, you shouldn’t award an MVP prize to an offense that’s been so underperforming. Linebacker Bobby Wagner could be the pick with his record-setting team of 170 tackles. Which is the highest for the NFL this season.

But, Diggs chose. As the NFC’s primary free safety for what will be his second consecutive Pro Bowl. Gets the award due to the huge play he’s played and stopped. He is leading the Seahawks in interceptions with 5 and the work. He’s performed in securing the back of their defense may be the main reason. why they’ve had the lowest number of completions (15) for throws. Those are at least 20 yards over the line of scrimmage. — Brady Henderson

27: Carolina Panthers (5-10)

Previous ranking: 26

Non-QB MVP: OLB Haason Reddick

Reddick is not only the leader in sacks, but Reddick makes the most of the group with sacks of 11 sacks. But he’s played a key role in helping younger players grasp the method that Matt Rhule’s coach teaches. When it comes to improving the performance of the team. Reddick was a participant in this method during his time at Temple under Rhule and. As such, the linebacker knows the process and work that goes into the process. It has the ability to articulate it and prove it. — David Newton

QB Rankings

28: Houston Texans (4-11 QB Rankings)

Previous ranking: 30

Non-QB MVP: WR Brandin Cooks

When the season started it was clear. That the Texans did not have a lot of depth in the receiver position in the back of Cooks. Even though Cooks did not play in the Texans in their Week 16 game. When he was on the reserve/COVID-19 roster. Which was which Houston won and won by a score of 2-0, he’s been the top performer on the team. Cooks is only 55 yards short of achieving 1,000 yards receiving.

In the sixth time during his eight NFL campaigns. This season, he’s done this with the help of Tyrod Taylor and 2021’s. The third-round selection of Davis Mills at quarterback. Cooks is a key player on the team. The offense could have been a struggle more in the past season without his leadership. — Sarah Barshop

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29: New York Giants (4-11)

Previous ranking: 27

Other QB MVPs: K Graham Gano

It’s not a good thing to have your goalie as your only possibility for the team’s MVP. But, it’s a fact that Gano has been responsible for 40 percent of the team’s points this season. It has been successful in 88 percent of his field-goal attempts.

This includes 7 out of 10 kicks with more than 50 yards. Security Logan Ryan was an option. But, he missed two games after being positive for COVID-19. Defensive tackle Leonard Williams (5.5 sacks) has been inconsistent. — Jordan Raanan

30: New York Jets (4-11)

Previous ranking: 31

Non-QB MVP: RB Michael Carter

He was a rookie who names the Jets RB1. He is at an all-time high of 865 yards from scrimmage25th in the league of NFL. Running backs and he was forced to miss three games. He ranks 9th in yards per contact (5.2) in the league of running backs and has at least 100 touches.

Also, two of Carter’s most productive games occurred in two out of Jet’s win four times. A steady MLB C.J. Mosley merits consideration. But, it’s difficult to say no as this defense ranks 32nd yards and points allowed. — Rich Cimini

31: Detroit Lions (2-12-1)

Previous ranking: 29

Non-QB MVP: LB Jalen Reeves-Maybin

It’s not an easy selection, given the more famous players on the roster. Such as the running back D’Andre Swift, tight end T.J. Hockenson. Even rookie wideout Amon-Ra St. Brown. But, Reeves Maybin is a player. Who represents the values of hard work and determination. That new Lions coach Dan Campbell is trying to establish in Detroit for the future. That’s why his larger role as a defensive player this season has been important.

In fact, he was among the names that came into Campbell’s thoughts. as the head coach asked to name his most important players during the season. “I know he missed a couple of games here due to injury. But when he’s been out there on defense and on special teams, he makes plays,” Campbell declared. “He’s a football player, and that doesn’t go unnoticed.” -Eric Woodyard Eric Woodyard

QB Rankings

32: Jacksonville Jaguars (2-13 QB Rankings)

Previous ranking: 32

Non-QB MVP: P Logan Cooke

When it comes to doing his job at a high standard this season. There is nobody Jaguars player who has performed more than Cooke. Cooke is second in the NFL with net yard punting (43.6) also to punts within the 20-yard line (28). He is also second with regard to punts made inside the 10-yard line (12).

Cooke’s field has made opposing offenses more competitive to score points. This is the current state of the franchise at present The punter is the best. It would continue to be the preferred choice the QBs qualified. -Mike DiRocco

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