QB rankings 2021: How all 32 teams’ QBs weekly big takeaways

QB rankings 2021: We’re 15 weeks into the 2021 season, and we’ve already seen Jared Goff out due to Kyler Murray. Tyler Huntley scores four touchdowns while filling in for Lamar Jackson. And Ryan Tannehill and Justin Fields contribute to the run game. Also, in a streak-ending shutout, Tom Brady was under a lot of pressure.

Throughout the season, I’ll rate my current trust. In each quarterback’s performance weekly basis. Who is unstoppable and a contender for MVP? Who is having trouble being consistent? After each week’s game slate, who is rising and who is falling? Which rookies are outperforming their peers. Which veterans are driving their teams to the playoffs? And keep in mind base on current potential, not future potential.

Teams with many legitimate starting quarterback choices. May have many QBs mentioned in the rankings but true backups are not featured. Backups who expect to fill in for injured starters ranked as well. Each week, the listed supplements by some of the most important takeaways. And lingering ideas from previous quarterback performances. Including the tape and numbers state about some of the game’s starting quarterbacks. Here are this week’s quarterback rankings, as well as some thoughts on the position.

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The most important takeaways from Week 15

Jared Goff earned plus-14.5 passing expected points added in Detroit’s win Arizona. According to NFL Next Gen Stats, his best in a single game since Week 13 of 2020. Detroit still has a long way to go, including figuring out what to do at quarterback. But Goff looked like a capable starter for one week.

According to ESPN Stats & Information. Tom Brady of the Buccaneers had the second-longest string of consecutive. Starts without shutting out in NFL history. But it came to an end on Sunday at 255 games. Brady is not shut out since 2006. To put things in perspective, no currently active defensive player had ever played in the NFL. In the first half, the Saints harassed Brady on eight of 26 dropbacks (including three sacks).

A season-high 30.8 percent (per NFL Next Gen Stats). In five straight games, he had faced pressure on less than 15 percent of dropbacks. The longest streak in the NFL Next Gen Stats era (since 2018). Teams must be able to get home with four rushers. And play tight man-to-man defense to match the Saints’ success.

QB rankings: Aaron Rodgers pounded the left side of the field.

With out-breaking routes in Sunday’s win over the Ravens. According to NFL Next Gen Stats, getting his receivers the ball in space for consistent gains. On such routes, he was 8-of-8 for 82 yards, seven first downs, and two touchdowns. According to ESPN Stats & Information, Rodgers also threw his 442nd career passing touchdown. Tying him with Brett Favre for the most in Packers history. Only Brady (541 with the Patriots) and Drew Brees have more passing touchdowns. For a single organization (491 with the Saints).

On a 23-yard scramble Monday night. Chicago’s Justin Fields hit a high speed of 20.1 mph. His fourth carry of 20 mph or more this season, according to NFL Next Gen Stats. This year, no other quarterback has surpassed 20 mph on more than two carries.

Fields were most productive passing downfield. Completing eight of 11 passes for 128 yards and a touchdown on passes. That traveled 10-plus air yards.

According to ESPN Stats & Information.

Derek Carr of the Raiders has led 28 winning drives since his debut in 2014. Which tie for the most by any quarterback during that time.

In the Chiefs’ Week 15 triumph against the Chargers. However, Patrick Mahomes set NFL single-game throwing yards records in two crucial areas. According to NFL Next Gen Stats. He was 10-of-12 for 225 yards against the blitz, the most in an NFL game this season against the blitz. Mahomes was also 15-of-26 for 256 yards. When passing outside the numbers, which was a league-high.

Ryan Tannehill now has seven rushing touchdowns on the season. Which tie for second among quarterbacks. He has 18 rushing touchdowns since taking over. As Tennessee’s primary quarterback in 2019. Which is the third-highest among quarterbacks in that time.

Tyler Huntley of Baltimore put in an outstanding effort on Sunday. He threw for 215 yards and two touchdowns on 70% of his passes, and he also rushed for 73 yards and two touchdowns. The Ravens should try to sign him to a contract extension. However, Given the number of quarterback injuries this season. Having depth at the position is critical, and Huntley has proven he is more than adequate.