Mike Tyson Buster Douglas

Mike Tyson Buster Douglas: Turning Point in boxing’s history

Mike Tyson Buster Douglas: Tyson lost on February 11th, 1990, and boxing took the direction it needed. Even if no one cared at the time, it is not forgotten.

Nobody cared about the heavyweight title fight in Tokyo. that early morning in February 1990. when Mike Tyson stepped to the ring. after weeks of sleeping with Geisha girls to destroy Buster Douglas.

Two wild-haired powerbrokers sat ringside in the Dome. each from a completely different but heinous business world. to watch Mike do what Mike had been doing far too, for far too long. Don King and Donald Trump were beaming as they sat back and watched the three- or four-round slaughter. Douglas price at 40-1 by the bookies and only one wager had placed on the lovely guy from Ohio in Las Vegas. It supposes to be simple. Tyson had a fight with Evander Holyfield planned that would break box office records.

King and Trump began to panic and were working out a deal for a rematch:

When it comes to a second fight, there is some uncertainty – in boxing. that means there are many false accounts – over when exactly the couple shook hands. It was presumably after Douglas survived a long count in round eight. and shortly before the still astonishing moment. when Tyson failed to beat the count in round ten, groping on the canvas like a midnight drunk for his gumshield. Tyson’s fight had come to an end. King, but, was fortunate in that he had Douglas under contract.

Mike Tyson Buster Douglas: During a stay in Tokyo

Mike Tyson Buster Douglas

Tyson had done nothing to prepare for about and Douglas had refused to lose. His “wilding” is well documented, and to be honest, his legs. not his desire to continue, betrayed him in the Douglas battle. His comedy corner only had a condom filled with ice to treat their fighter’s left eye swelling.

Which was severe and life-threatening. That was a ring-tool mishap, but their collective inability to encourage their boss. when Douglas refused to wilt, fold, and play the surrender game was much more damaging. Under duress, Tyson’s team betrayed him, abandoning him when he was most in need.

Tyson was unbeaten in 37 fights going into that early morning. including ten world title contests. Douglas had lost four times and, more. his bravery and guts had called into doubt following his loss to Tony Tucker in a world title bout in 1987. The simple tale of ‘Douglas had no heart’ suppose to be the simple backstory. to yet another Tyson walkover while the boxing press questioned. his choices – most of whom remained away from Tokyo.

The tenth round of their heavyweight champion match. James Douglas knocks Mike Tyson out.

In the tenth round of their heavyweight champion match. James Douglas knocks Mike Tyson out (AP)

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Mike Tyson Buster Douglas: Three Weeks in Tokyo

There was a different story to tell. For three weeks in Tokyo, Tyson had a revolving door to his bedroom for sex workers. He was despondent, his moods were erratic, and he knocks out in sparring 19 days before the battle. Nobody noticed the warning indications. Douglas is a complete no-hoper. Before Anthony Joshua’s loss against Andy Ruiz in New York last year. many of us committed a similar act of willful carelessness. Ruiz had no chance in hell: “He’s not Buster Douglas,” we speculated. I should point to you that Joshua never had a spinning door, but there were many signals that went unnoticed.

Douglas, but, was in the midst of a perfect storm of mental turmoil, a crushing treble of pain. the kind of chaos that trainers both fear and cherish.

Douglas’ mother had died two weeks before:

Mike Tyson Buster Douglas

he had divorced his wife, and his child’s mother diagnoses with terminal cancer. Douglas was in turmoil as he traveled to Tokyo; he arrived two weeks after Tyson and his entourage.

“I knew if I kept striking him, he’d break, and what did I have to lose?” A decade after the fight, Douglas told me one afternoon in Las Vegas. Tyson did lose his cool. Before he went down for the final time, he was completely broken. Douglas kept delivering the stiff jab, a shot that would go down in history. creating space for the massive right and not flapping when hurt. Douglas made Tyson seem awful in Tokyo by making him look bad. Douglas should give credit for whatever he does.

At the Tokyo Dome, Buster Douglas celebrates his victory:

King and Trump left the ring knowing. they’d made a deal for a rematch in Atlantic City at one of Trump’s failing buildings. King, but, had to work his magic at midday in Tokyo. persuading everyone in attendance and engaged in the fight. that Tyson was the winner and that Douglas should not be the new world champion. Believe me when I say that that was complete madness. It took King around six hours to persuade the WBC and WBA. two of the sanctioning bodies, to strip Douglas of his title.

The count was long – Tyson knocked out Douglas:

“Count was long – Tyson knocked out Douglas before Douglas knocked down Tyson.” Even with the passage of time. it is difficult to comprehend the fevered insanity of those hours. the desperation, avarice, and vanity. Looking back, it is without a doubt one of the most ludicrous reversals in sports history. in any sport, at any time, and under any set of regulations.

Took a day for a reason to return to the boxing craziness. but by Monday evening, Buster Douglas reinstates. as the world heavyweight champion and acknowledged. Tyson landed in New York injured, damaged. and apologetic for a press conference, saying only. “He won,” a confession heard beneath the click of cameras. Big Buster’s true accomplishment was destroying Tyson. Buster’s life would never be the same, and Tyson’s would never be the same. Don King’s tenure as heavyweight champion came to an end in Tokyo when he defeat.

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Mike Tyson Buster Douglas: Douglas broke his contract with King

Received 24 million dollars for losing to Holyfield. and King Trump each received 4.5 million dollars. in compensation for not promoting the rematch. Today, Trump is the president of the United States, Tyson still haunts Las Vegas. King is still promoting, and Douglas spends his time fishing after a diabetic coma. Also, he was spending his money.

Day Tyson lost, King lost, Trump made a deal, and boxing took the direction it needed was February 11th, 1990. Even if no one cared at the time, it is not forgotten.

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