Mike Bibby out Shadow Mountain High School basketball coach

Mike Bibby is out as Shadow Mountain High School basketball coach due to following sexual abuse accusations. Mike Bibby is no longer Shadow Mountain’s basketball head coach. After allegations of sexual assault.

“He is no longer eligible to volunteer as our coach pending the outcome of the investigations”. Becky Kelbaugh is a spokeswoman for the Paradise Valley Unified School District. She said in an emailed statement.

Bibby is an ex- NBA player as well as the director of basketball at Shadow Mountain High School.

Who is being investigated for sexual assault allegations against a Shadow Mountain teacher?

The Paradise Valley Unified School District in a statement. However, This morning Phoenix police are investigating allegations. Against Bibby and the district involved in investigating the claims.

A restraining order obtained by The Arizona Republic details the allegations. The order reveals Phoenix Municipal Court granted the order on Feb. 22.

The teacher says that in February of 2017. Bibby took her by the waist and dragged her inside his car on the school’s grounds. Where he rubbed his genitals on her and kissed her.

Bibby was not available to discuss the matter and referred inquiries to his lawyer. However, The lawyer for Bibby, Donald Harris, denied the allegations.

“I can say with pretty much certainty this alleged incident didn’t happen. However, That will show down the road,” he stated. “Michael Bibby did not take part in a sexual assault of any way, shape. or form that by this lady two years ago.”

The district has been aware of the claim for over one week, as per the statement.

However, The teacher reported the incident in the office of school resources on February. 13 by the Restraining Order.

This past Saturday Bibby was the coach of Shadow Mountain’s basketball team. For boys’ varsity to its fourth straight state championship. In the six years, he has been in Shadow Mountain, the team awarded five state championships.

Bibby as a student at high school in 1996 was on the first team for the state championship. He then went to play at the University of Arizona. wherein 1997, he led his Wildcats to their first national championship.

He was in the NBA with a variety of players as a guard between 1998 until 2012. However, Becky Kelbaugh, a spokeswoman for the district school, issued a statement.

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Mike Bibby: That confirmed that the investigation conducted by police

Mike Bibby

“On February 14, 2019, PV Schools notified. That the Phoenix Police Department opened an investigation into alleged sexual abuse/harassment. However, Of a Shadow Mountain High School staff member by the boys head basketball coach, Mike Bibby. At the request of the Phoenix Police Department. However, The District’s internal investigation suspend pending the conclusion of the Police. Department’s active investigation into the accusations.”

Sgt. Vince Lewis, a Phoenix Police Department spokesperson wrote in an email. That police were looking into allegations that involved staff members in Shadow Mountain. But he did not give the names of those involved nor describe the allegations.

The accusation is that the person grabbed and groped

The teacher claims the restraining order in February 2017. She was walking out of her classroom when she saw Bibby driving around campus. She didn’t know him, she said.

He walked towards her. She walked over to the driver’s side of the vehicle when he opened the door, then jumped out.

As per the directions, Bibby picked her up “around the hips” and took her to the driver’s seat. He placed her head resting on the console, and her legs stretched out to the window as he lay on the top of her. However, He smelled of alcohol in his breath, and she wrote.

He began to massage his genitals and body on her, touching her. She wrote and he said, “What I could do to you.”

She got out of under him. However, Then walked toward the main entrances of some of the schools and when he walked in here. She wrote in the order to restrain him.

While two staff members gazed at him, he wrapped her at her waist and hugged her. He then rub his penis erect against her, and then made explicit comments she wrote. However, She wrote that she attempted to disengage him.

She stated in her journal that she had been “in shock, in fear. Intimidated by his actions, afraid of him as he smelled of alcohol.”

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Mike Bibby: A recorded conversation in a class

Mike Bibby

In the days following that, Bibby passed her classroom door twice. She made a note of the restraining order.

A few days later, the man came into her class uninvited. However, praised the decorations in her classroom before departing.

The next day she spotted Bibby in front of her classroom. She informed her that they had to discuss the matter, under the injunction. The two sat in her class and she stated. That she felt secure enough to shut the door of her classroom. Since an employee who was aware of the incident was in the hallway.

The teacher then told Bibby under the restraining order. That the student wasn’t “out of line” and that he had assaulted her. He claimed that he had been drinking the day before and claimed. However, That she was a “beautiful and nice person,” according to the document. He said he was looking to meet her.

She stated that she was not at all interested and that she wanted him to remain far away. She ask if she would like to tell him to “tell” and she said”no” as she was thinking of his players.

The report also reveals in her report another incident that occurred in October of 2018. However, In which Bibby once more stood in front of her classroom’s door.

School district pledges cooperation

Kelbaugh said she conducts “thorough background investigations for all employees and volunteers. including a notarized criminal affidavit, background check, and fingerprint clearance.”

The District’s “first priority” is the safety and wellbeing of students and staff.

“We take all allegations of misconduct very and work in cooperation. With law enforcement on all police matters,” she wrote.

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