Top 10 all time best players of Manchester city Football club

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Manchester City Football Club has a history of roller coasters.
The club has reached the third tier since becoming England champions in the 1960s and late 1990s and is now recording world-class powerhouses under the tutelage of PP Guardiola and of course Sheikh Sheikh Mansoor Joe. The club has turned. A formidable force in domestic competition, and a true claimant to European greatness.

10:Pablo Zabaleta

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Pablo Zabaleta, who started in make-up, was in serious danger after the emergence of Micah Richards, but due to Argentina’s extraordinary abilities, he was able to win the arm wrestling and secure the right-left position. During the Roberto Mancini era, his progress was spectacular, he was featured in the 2012/13 PFA team in the Zabaleta exhibitions. After years of consistency and development, it was fully deserved. He will win five major trophies in his time with South American citizens, including two Premier League honors. City openers will never forget its opener in the 3-2 victory over QPR in 2012.

9:Kevin De Bruyne

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In his day, Kevin de Bruyne is England’s best player. There’s no arguing that, with its devastating first half-year exposure to weapons in December, it has demonstrated a wide range of its capabilities. He is so decent with the ball at his feet, capable of firing a 30-yard shot into the back of the net, as well as slipping on a graceful, fast out. He knows every trick of the book when it comes to playmaking. Without it, the city would not have become a centurion in 2017/18. They could not stop Liverpool in the final weeks of 2018/19. They are not just one team.

8:Bert Trautmann

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Playing in the goal, Bert Troutmann – who was recently released from a Lancashire prisoner of war camp – overcame the prejudice and hatred of civilian fans with his incredible abilities. By the time of his 545th appearance for the Sky Blues, Troutmann had become an adopted member of the Manchester City family. Supporters no longer held his nationality against him when they saw Germany take one of the bravest, most dangerous actions in football history. His side came to the fore in the 1956 FA Cup final with Birmingham City. The Sky Blues would emerge with a 3-1 victory, although the real story was breaking Trotman’s neck with a quarter of an hour left. Surprisingly, he stayed on the pitch, and made some significant savings during his 15 years in the Northwest.

7:Mike Summerbee

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During his 452 games for Manchester City, winger Mike Sumerby won the First Division, FA Cup, League Cup, European Cup Winners’ Cup, and Second Division. It was a wonderful decade for the English and the citizens, which was the best match. Beloved by fans and teammates, Sumerby became an icon in the late ’60s, when he and the club would win four major titles in three seasons.

6:Colin Bell

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For 13 years, the faithful of the city have come to see the ‘King of Capex’ coming for their beloved team. He was somewhat of a religious hero, his thrilling performances earned him the admiration of England national team fans as well as the Sky Blues. Colin Bell shared the glory that came in the way of Sumerby, the pair considered one of the greatest citizens of the 20th century.

5:Yaya Toure

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Some footballers were born for great opportunities. Yaya Tour is one of them. During his first campaign in England, he wrote himself in the story of the city, beating the winning team, Sammy and the winner in 2011 when the club ended a 35-year wait for more silverware. A year later, a great double-curling effort on the tour at St. James’s Park and a huge explosion in the roof of the net led to a crucial 2-0 victory in the final round of the top flight fixtures. It won the Sky Blues and Ivorian its first premier league title. He doubled his stature in 2013/14 when the Tour race form scored 20 goals from midfield, and countless exciting moments.

4:Eric Brook

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By the time of Sergio Aguero, Manchester City’s all-time leading scorer was Eric Brock, who was with the club between the end of World War I and the start of World War II. The striker scored 177 goals in 494 appearances, leading the Sky Blues to league titles and the FA Cup as he ensured his name would go down in the city’s history. Known for his right boot and muscular body like a cannon, Brooke proved to be very powerful for many of his opponents, his style of influencing international selectors was also impressive.

3:Vincent Kompany

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Remember Vincent Kompany’s gravedigger goal against Leicester City last May? If someone wrote a script where the same thing happened, people would say it’s not realistic. Everything about that night was perfect. Almost perfect, he was a captain, a man with injuries. He struggled to get back on the field for his club, and desperately needed a savior when the game with Fox entered the final 20 minutes. The company’s ridiculous strike changed the fate of the Premier League title from 100 miles away. This alliance proved to be his last gift to the mob, which had witnessed many domineering exhibitions, returning to Belgium Anderlecht in the summer. One of the greatest centers of the modern age, he was a giant among the giants when the city with his assistant picked up ten big trophies.

2:Sergio Aguero

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Newcastle United suffered a defeat in May 2012 as a result of the Tour’s braces, Aguero provided a defining moment in Manchester City’s history. Prisoners face an endangered QPR and need three points to seal their first English crown in 44 years, with the Mankunians turning 2-1 down the clock. The situation was serious. The 30th of his 252 goals for City came in the fourth minute of stoppage time, which went a long way. This was one of the many steps on Agiro’s path to becoming a club legend. He is now the all-time lead goal scorer and four-time Premier League champion. There is no denying that English football has ever seen Argentina as the biggest foreigner.

1:David Silva

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El Mago, magician. It’s a nickname that fits the man whose magic has captivated Premier League viewers for the past decade. David Silva has spent many ten moments with the city in his ten seasons, his supernatural powers leading the way to the top of the game. There has been an unprecedented domestic crisis in recent times, and Spaniard were a key orchestra. He has been a force throughout his career with the team, scoring 90 assists and 57 goals in 300 top flight appearances. Indeed. It’s all coming to an end in May, but his Citi career is full of precious memories that will live on for a long time to come in the form of Sky Blues fans.