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Jalen Hurts should start for the Eagles QB in 2021:

Eagles QB Over the last three weeks, Jalen Hurts has supplied the spark. that Philadelphia Eagles head coach Doug Pederson. It has been looking for in his offense. After Carson Wentz’s transformation into one of the league’s worst signals. Callers over the last nine months. Pederson decided to bench him, giving Hurts a chance to convince the organization. That he could be the quarterback to lead the team moving forward.

Hurts’ performance has been uneven, depending on how one judges his game. But he has proven enough to earn a starting spot with the Eagles in 2021. There shouldn’t be a battle position in 2021. based on how the Eagles offense has performed under Hurts versus Wentz. as well as the caliber competition Hurts faced three starts. Hurts has done for leading a team ready to start on a rebuild, ensuring that the Eagles will be NFC East next season.

The offensive has gotten better:

Hurts made the Eagle’s offense enjoyable. even though the team has started 13 different offensive line combinations. and lacks a receiver with over 60 catches and 600 yards in 15 games. In Hurts’ three starts, the Eagle’s offense has averaged 437.3 yards per game. Second in the NFL (behind only the Buffalo Bills), and 171.3 running yards per game, fourth in the league.

In comparison, the Eagles were 29th in yards per game (319.1). and 14th in rushing yards per game during Wentz’s 12 stars. (including Hurts’ replacement in the Week 13 loss to the Green Bay Packers) (116.5). Regardless of how little Pederson commits to running the ball. that’s a considerable difference. While the Eagles’ points per game only increased from 21.1 in Wentz’s 12 stars to 21.3 in Hurts’ three games. Hurts led the team to 400-plus yards in each game (one in Wentz’s 12 starts). including a season-high 477 yards in last week’s loss to the Dallas Cowboys.

The Eagles’ offense has issues. such as a lack of separation from receivers and a battered offensive line. but Hurts has turned this squad around. Wentz supposes to be the man in charge of making it will happen.

Hurts’ debut historic:

Hurts’ debut historic:

only one quarterback since 1950 to throw for over 800 yards. It carries 200 yards in his first three starts and that’s Jalen Hurts. The Eagles quarterback is terrific becoming the starter. facing two top-15 defenses and leading the offense to over 400 yards against both. Hurts became the only quarterback in the past 70 years. Throw for 150 yards with a passing score and rush for 100 yards in his first career start. Against the then-No. One defense in the New Orleans Saints.

Hurts has completed 54.9 percent of his passes for 847 yards. with five touchdowns to two interceptions in his three games. while running 39 times for 238 yards and a score. He has six fumbles becoming the starter, losing one. The completion percentage and fumbles are elements. Hurts need to improve. But he’s only started three games. He’s made rookie blunders — as expected. The Eagles were enough to warrant seeing.

Look at the improvements of Josh Allen & Lamar Jackson over the previous two years.

A Healthy offensive line:

From left tackle to correct tackle. These are the Eagles offensive line combinations in the three games:

At the start of the season, only Seumalo and Kelce were on the first team. Brandon Brooks and Lane Johnson (correct tackle) are both Pro Bowlers, yet they aren’t on the list. Both players are in their early 30s. But they are still in the prime of their careers and should be ready to play again in 2021 if they stay fit. Imagine Hurts rushing behind an offensive line. Allowing him more time to throw and more opportunities to scramble and make a play.

With Driscoll back in the mix. the Eagles will compete at left tackle between Mailata and 2019. first-round pick Andre Dillard giving them depth at tackle. Kelce, who has flirted in the last two offseasons. is the most significant question mark on this offensive line. If Kelce does not return, Herbig or Seumalo could go to the center and leave the guard.

The Eagle’s offensive line, when healthy, is one of the best in the league. And they’ll have some depth at tackle to protect the quarterback. Allow Hurts to practice with a healthy offensive line during the offseason and watch. how he grows over several months. In year two, he might make even more significant strides. because the Eagles will better understand who Hurts is.

Doug Pederson has an entire offseason Eagles QB

Doug Pederson has an entire offseason: Eagles QB
Doug Pederson has an entire offseason: Eagles QB

For all his flak as the Eagles’ head coach, Pederson is a master at getting the most out of his quarterbacks. who isn’t named Carson Wentz? Hurts isn’t to blame, as the Eagles’ defense has allowed 526 and 513 yards in their last two games, totaling 70 points. No matter how good the quarterback plays, few teams will win games giving up that many yards and points.

Let’s take a look at how Pederson has tweaked his game plan to fit Hurts’ strengths rather. then to make the offense too complicated for his rookie quarterback to learn in the NFL. The Eagles’ offense may struggle in the second half of games due to its simplicity. which Pederson and Hurts can work on in the offseason.

The Eagles will almost change offensive coordinators. which could benefit Hurts as he develops. This offseason, bringing in a coordinator. who can work on Hurts’ pocket management and progression? can help him become a true dual-threat quarterback like Lamar Jackson.

Join the Eagles and help shape Hurts, Baltimore Ravens quarterbacks coach James Urban!

The Eagles are competitive:

With a 4-10-1 record coming into the last week. Philadelphia has the shame of being the only team in the NFC. East to drop from the playoffs a document. that establishes long before Hurts took over at quarterback. True, the Eagles have been competitive over the last three weeks. Defeating a playoff club in the Saints and coming within one play of. Defeating another probable playoff team in the Arizona Cardinals. The Eagles were ahead of the Cowboys early when the offense stalled. and the defense enabled Dallas to score on five straight possessions.

The NFC East might produce a 6-10 champion this season. and the division has yet to prove that one club can improve next season. The N-Y Giants and Washington Football club could be better in 2021. but they both have quarterback issues. while the Cowboys remain the league’s most erratic squad.

Hurts is now good enough to keep the Eagles in a lousy division competitive. Hurts make the offense more dynamic now. that the offensive line is healthy and a top-10 draught choice is on the way. Don’t forget that the defense will need to undergo considerable modifications as well.

The Eagles might not win the NFC East in 2021, but Hurts gives them a chance. Like Lamar Jackson, he’s demonstrated the capacity to alter the course of a game. and the Eagles should allow him to do so.