DJ Law: Where is it now? What happened to him?

DJ Law was born in Haines City, Florida USA on November 6, 1994, under the zodiac sign of Scorpio. The most popular thing he knows about is his work in the field of American Football players. Law is also a Christian and his family.

Education and early life

Law was a student at Haines High School and played football there, missing two games. When he graduated and attended East Mississippi Community College. He continued to play football. Although he was very proficient in this sport, he wasn’t great at other sports and his marks were not great.

He plans to begin playing in a formal way. But he was able to sustain a knee injury. which meant he was unable to play football and was unable to play football. The decision makes his attempt to improve his grades.

DJ Law: Career

There’s nothing to write about the life of Law. But we must mention that he was a key character of”Last Chance U,”. The “Last Chance U” Netflix Documentary series debuted in the year 2016. The series focuses on the football team from Law’s school and the difficulties. They faced, revealing their lives in the day and their stories of the background. The show was much more than the show itself.

They also included an academic adviser to assist. The athletes in their studies and ensure that they passed their tests. The production stopped because the football team exited. but they began another year later and dubbed the season two. As of now, the show has been running for three seasons with 23 episodes. The show rated 8.5/10 in IMDb.

Law was a bit famous due to this film. Then offered a place at his University of Alabama. Birmingham football team, dubbed “Blazers” and he accepted. But, he got injured and was out for the entire season. Law resigned from the Blazers and was thinking. About his next move in the game, deciding among NAIA or Canada.

Law played football for a while but has since left the public spotlight. You can see some photos of him at his football matches on your Instagram account. “Last Chance U” renewed for the fourth season. Will film with the Independence Community College team.

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DJ Law: Motivational speaker

DJ Law

On October 12, 2017, Law invites me to be a guest of honor at Parker High School and delivered a speech. which Law was trying to motivate students to guide them to make correct choices. Law explained to them that they can find causes and consequences of every decision they make. He also said that he’s was never imagining. That his job would involve speaking motivational talks. but he felt great doing it and giving something back to the community.

Football statistics

Let’s look at some of his football statistics from the games. He took part in during the second half of the year He had 64 rushing attempts. As well as run 597 miles (about 85 miles per match). The team scored 3 touchdowns, reclaimed two fumbles, and dropped two of his fumbles. He and his team took home six games in a row.

Personal life

Law isn’t one of those who enjoy talking about their private lives. It knows that his mom was Veronica Purnell but we know little about his dad. There was a dispute between his parents due to this fact. That his mother desired Law to attend the University of Mississippi. His mother wanted him to go to the University of Mississippi. While his father was keen for him to attend Utah University. The parents of Law aren’t living together, but it is not known if they’re divorced or not.

The footballer appears to be in a relationship. There aren’t any gossips about his ex-girlfriends. There are photos of him with a little young boy. That he has posted in the Instagram account, which Law refers to as “his little boy” and “his son”. It appears that Law has a son living in Florida with his mother. he was 6 at the moment when he was born. He was born on the 22nd of November 2012 – but, there are no details available about his mother.

One of his closest pals, the one whom he refers to as”bro “bro” is Dori Montana. The songs of Dori are available on YouTube in his efforts to be a renowned rapper.

Net worth and appearance

DJ Law

Law is at present 24 years old. His hair is short and black and his eyes are black. He’s about 5ft 11ins (1.8m) tall. Also, due to his status as active, Law carries an ideal weight of 192lbs (87kg).

According to sources, Law’s net worth is lower than $100,000, as Law’s career is only beginning.

DJ Law: Social Network Presence

He’s not particularly engaged on his social media platforms. Doesn’t care about them, but the Instagram page “ law” has 20,000 followers. The account was added to Twitter in January of 2016 and has since gained 12,000 followers. His Facebook page is home to 4,500 fans.


Besides the sport of football, Law has also proven to be very skilled at basketball. It was a player for his college team. He is also a fan of running and is a great fisherman, though he isn’t very good at fishing.

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