Competitive Dance – Judging ,Competition and Champions:

Competitive Dance

Competitive Dance Usually, professional dancers are hired to decide on the dance competition. He looks intently at all the dancers and sits down in front of the audience. Each judge writes a score sheet for each routine, giving points for different types of techniques, such as facial expressions, costumes, choreography, and overall impression.

They can also write comments on their score sheets or, in some cases, record audio comments for the dancers and their choreographers. After recording the audio comments, they are usually given to the dancers via CD or DVD media so that real-time judges can review the performance while listening to the commentary at the same time.

The Judging Process:

Decision-making categories vary from competition to competition, but in general the decision-making categories cover aspects of showmanship techniques such as movement, proper shape and transition, clothing, routine difficulty, music and choreography. A judge can give a score out of 100. If an actor or team gets 100, it is called a perfect score. Each judge gives his own score and the total score is nothing more than an addition to the individual score of the judges.

Competitive Dance – Competitions:

There are two types of competitions Regional and National.

Regional Competitions:

High school auditoriums are a preferred location for hosting regional competitions because they include a stage and appropriate space for judges and audiences. Locations are not limited to high school. Depending on the number of dancers intended to compete. Competitions often start early in the morning and continue into the night to reduce the cost of rent and other expenses.

National Competitions:

National competitions usually last for weeks and many competitors came flooding in from all parts of the country with their coaches. Therefore, it is not uncommon for a large rented hall to have well-decorated lights and sound systems everywhere. These competitions also include.
A Dance-off or Dance-down
Workshops and dance classes
Choreographers for additional training
Ending festival

Competitive Dance – Champions:

Let’s take a look at the champions of a competitive dance and their careers.

Nick Lazzarini:

Competitive Dance

Nick Lazariani is an American dancer who you think was the winner of the first season of the Can Dance reality show. The dance styles he specializes in are hip hop, jazz, ballet, singing and modern dance. She started dancing at the age of four and choreographed at the age of 14. So you think after winning the dance, it first appeared on the cover page of Dance Spirit. In March 2006, he joined Evolution Dance Company as a founding member.

Salman Yusuff Khan:

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Salman Yusuff Khan hails from Bangalore and is a choreographer, dancer and actor. He also participated in reality shows like Jhalak Dikhla Jaa and Dance India Dance. From an early age, he loved to dance and learned salsa, hip hop and other dance styles. After completing her education, she participated in Dance India Dance and also worked as a choreographer in Jhalak Dikhla Jaa. He also won the sixth season of Jhalak Dikla Ja with great fanfare.

Joshua Allen:

Competitive Dance

Joshua Allen is from the United States and you think he is the winner of the fourth season of the dance reality show. On the show, he performed a variety of dances, including jazz, hip hop, simba and many more. She started practicing her dance at the age of eight. He was inspired by Michael Jackson. So you can win. After winning, you can be realistic. He took part in Step Up 3D. She also starred in a musical film called Footloose.

Benjamin “Benji” Daniel Schwimmer:

Competitive Dance

Benjamin Danji Schwimmer is an American dancer who won the second season of the So You Think You Can Dance reality show in 2006. He works for a non-profit organization called Dancers Everywhere That Makes a Difference. He also writes songs for the pop rock band and works as a producer and singer. Her father, mother, and sister are dancers and they started competing at the age of five. He and his cousin were US Open showcase swing champions. In 2006, she attended Fox’s New Year’s Eve show. In 2007, she played Candyman in Christina Aguilera’s music video. In 2008, he became the US and World Swing Champion again. He was hired by Paula Abdul to choreograph his final performance.

Akai Osei:

Competitive Dance

Akai Osei is a British dancer who was the winner of the first series of Goat Dance Show. She got her dance inspiration from Michael Jackson. He appeared in the Street Dance 3D movie and its sequel Street Dance 2. He also starred in Pied Piper, a hip-hop show hosted by Boy Blue Entertainment. In 2010, he was cast in Anto of the Hoods, as well as appearing on the Blue Peter television show. In addition, he appeared in many shows and movies.

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Lauren Rose Froderman:

Competitive Dance

Lauren Rose Froderman is a professional dancer from the United States. He received his high school education from Greenway High School in 2010 and graduated from Loyola Marymount University in 2015. He received his training from Donald Daddy. when she was three years old,she start dancing. Froderman is the winner of the seventh season, so you think you can do a dance show. She specializes in modern dance, hip hop and jazz and loves to sing along with it.

Jeanine Marie Mason:

Competitive Dance

Jeanine Marie Mason is an American dancer who, so you think, won the fifth season of the dance reality show. He is the youngest winner of the show. After winning the show, he began his acting career. Her first show was Big Time Rush, a Halloween episode of Nickelodeon. In addition, she is an actress and is popular for her role as a cosset in Bone Heads. Mason began dancing at the age of three and learned many dance styles such as jazz, acrobatics, hip hop, and contemporary dance.

Melanie Moore:

Competitive Dance

Melania Moore is a professional American dancer who thinks you can dance realistically. She was 19 when she took part in the show. Moore was educated at Leicester High School. She received her training at Marita’s Rim Dance Center for 12 years. She has appeared on the All Right Movies television program as a member of the Shipping Sound Dance Company. He also starred in The Street, a Fox musical comedy. She is currently playing the role of Chava in Fiddler of the Roof, a musical theater.

Eliana Girard:

Competitive Dance

Eliana Girard is a professional American dancer who has won the ninth season of the So You Think Dance Show. She specializes in contemporary ballet dance styles. She started dancing at the age of three and started her dancing career in 2009. Because of his passion for dancing, he dropped out of Dreyfus High School and joined Joffrey Ballet School. He then enrolled at Elon Alley School. Since 2013, she has been developing clothing lines for Sugar and Bruno.