Cam Newton press conference first Patriots of 2021

Cam Newton press conference held his first personal Q&A session as an individual of the Patriots on Friday evening.

The veteran quarterback handled inquiries about how he saw Mc Jones. how he felt after showing New England and building science with a large number of new pass holders.

Here’s how Newton began and ended Friday (as translated by Mass Live and Karen Goregin of the Boston Herald):

Q: How are you?

A. “True great, great.”

Q: How was this interaction?

A: “There are a variety of things that are specific to this ride. Still, it’s all acceptable. It’s all-important for the bike. Looking at the fans, it’s something I’m into. Appreciate. With a better understanding of things.

the new workforce that is out there, there are some things you have to do a little less, remember. yet realizing that we need to make more adjustments. Got a day. “

Q: We see it in the media as a quarterback competition, do you see it as self-enmity?

A: “Ever since I came here, there has been a quarterback competition. it’s a hidden Patriot way. In every position there is animosity, and the quarterback position is the same. To Brian Hoyer, I have to improve. I have to improve Mac Jones.

Macintosh Jones has to improve Brian Hoyer. Also, you can’t ignore (Jack) Doligala and even Steady, it remains to determine. “It came to our notice then.

Q: How will you achieve stacking days, and consistency?

A: “These are the difficulties of the instructional course. Consistency is essential. Each day is coming up with a new beginning. regardless of what happened the day before, and before the dramas took place. That’s the thing. You have to pay. “

Cam Newton press conference How will you achieve stacking days, and consistency?
How will you achieve stacking days, and consistency?

Q: After Brian Hoyer, you put some energy into Mac yesterday.

A: “Did you all see?”

Q: Can you tell us what you discussed?

A: “To be completely clear with you, it’s still a learning cycle. Besides, I revealed it on Mac yesterday. I don’t know him yet, I don’t know him yet. No acquaintances, I’ve been around Brian for a long time to figure out how to get me to roll.

Which you will understand for a long time and he may be the person you got. as a young player, you know what your assumptions are, and you know what you are Some are better than they are. It happens to me. In one year, in 14 years, as far as we concern, we are realizing that we have a standard that we have to meet every single day.

I get frustrated when you don’t meet him, but then again, Mack was incredible, the mind was abnormal. Everyone was trying to get to know each other and trying to be the best partner. That is what you can expect.

Q: What do you see when you think of 2020?

A: “I mean, it’s 2020. Do you guess what I’m saying? I’m harping on it. Right now my main focus is trying to improve, and I’m potential. I can be the best quarterback for the newcomers. The England Patriots are moving here, and they try to come here every day and use it as an opportunity. “

Q: What would you say that you are trying to help yourself remember mechanics?

A: “To not think too much of things. You check yourself. Earth, assuming you have a little more ability to open up.?” So, this is complete physical wisdom. It is practical for which the arm honor. “

Q: How are you this year compared to last year?

A: “Really?”

Q: Yes.

A: “I didn’t do anything this season, in any way, and it doesn’t matter. That way, when you get extra time with the kids, extra time with the family, at most. Opportunity to zero in. and, you feel somewhat unique.

Q: In interview with a cigar affidavit magazine, you said that you are no longer a beating ram. Was it proof that you should be more careful because of the injury?

A: “I’m getting more and more experienced. We know that this schedule At a certain point, what can I do to play football. and if I need to go to these things, I’m willing to risk everything.

Q: How can you present Mac Jones now?

A: “Cool like the opposite side of the pad. No one can tell when it lands on itself. You have no idea when it gets up, everything considered. It’s cool. Hip Bounce Music – No Future, Catch Some Babies Without Any Storage. These Are The Things You’ve Got To Learn Over Time Recently.

There was a chance to meet. Case, you don’t get it, and then there’s another twist that you get during game opportunities. It’s acceptable that we get pre-season games and things like that. I’m here for it, as Brian turns around for it.

Q: What’s the difference between working with partners in the off-season. and what’s the point of going to the playbook?

A: “It takes a ton of resources to put resources into a playbook. But, knowing what you’re looking for and focusing on. It’s not like a fire of things coming at you.

You see, “Well ” Do I want to zero in on Mix, Z Pass, Pair Mix, Three by One Mix, One by Three Mix, and the like? Going forward, knowing what my thoughts are and the sooner I can go with the football, the better. “

Q: There are representatives where it takes a long time to measure. What causes it and how do you avoid it?

A: “This is what the instructional course is about. We have this psychology and our head that, in the study hall or when we are meeting. the mentor inquires – explosion, that’s the place.

Well, that’s where we should go. Right now, you have Devin McCourty showing you something. Kylie Daggers is showing you something. ‘What should I do? What should I do?

Cam Newton press conference presentatives where it takes a long time to measure. What causes it and how do you avoid it?
presentatives where it takes a long time to measure. What causes it and how do you avoid it?

Q: How much does it help you get proper protection?

A: “It helps a ton. It helps a ton.”

Q: You have a newton of passes this year. How is the interaction going?

A: “It’s still a cycle going on, trying to figure out ways to adjust to their normal identity. Do you like back shoulders? Do you want to go upstairs and get it?” Want to do?

The discriminatory discussions that have taken place through text, call. we’re trying to get it. [Nelson Aguilar], what are you thinking here? ‘Well, Juno [Smith], you What are you thinking here? ‘ ‘Okay Hunt [Hunter Henry], what are you thinking here?’ And again, this would mean that you have to spend money on these processes.

Q: Would you say that your cut-throat spirit is number 1 in this group as it was at any other place?

A: “It’s always there. I’m a serious person. You need to go to the race right now so I can show you.”

Q: You seem to be trying to build a deeper relationship with Nelson Floor. How much is it that you are trying to sort out?

A: We’re still in the curriculum and this is the only time we’ve had it – it’s the first time we’ve had to admit some things. It’s the first time. There was a time when we did this outside of me for a while and separated. But, at the moment you have a line. At the moment you have to move forward in your pocket.

At the moment you have many obstacles. ] There are something special and different things to do we try to make room for people. or Josh [McDaniels] you guys try to make plays and make room for things that They agree with. On days like these, you find out what people agree on and that’s what you need. Attack. “

Q: How much did you appreciate coming to terms with the fans?

A: The gift of football, it’s the same old thing for me. I intend to play a lot of football. But on Sundays, get more involved with the kids, the fans, and the fans alike. “

Q: You’ve talked about competitors and basic mental interests. Anyway, what things have changed from last year to this year, what is a little more business as usual?

A: “This is an extraordinary inquiry. In any case, we are experts and everyone handles it unexpectedly. I actually, expect the fans. You feed the joys. Can’t judge. We’ve been away from it for so long that when you look at it right now, it’s like, ‘Is this normal?’

For a moment, I can say, it feels weird in a way, when you get here you get fans, screams and it’s worth being thankful for. You who were before and it can be equal to us, as a whole know very clearly what is happening in the country at the moment. “

As you are aware, we as a whole understand what is happening in the country at the moment. My inquiry is ongoing, do you have a regular tendency to be a pioneer? Or do you have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people? What am I saying? I mean, would you say you’re the kind of character who likes to lead rather than follow?

Q: Are you the type of person who likes to lead? Or is it something you need but?

A: ” in all sports, everyone feels the need to be a leader in the group, regardless of if you need to. We are unique as complete leaders. Unique in reference. Take a unique lead in Matthew Slater

. We as a group play our part in this group and regardless of expectations. you have to make sure that you hold yourself accountable as an individual. who shows others how it did first and will take an alternative approach later.