Baylor quarterback: Utah QB team made a decision to transfer

Baylor quarterback: Hugh Freeze and the Liberty Flames have secured. An experienced quarterback through the transfer portal this year.

Former Baylor/Utah signal-caller Charlie Brewer has reportedly. Decided to play his last year of eligibility. At the collegiate level to play in Lynchburg the following season.

Brewer played for four seasons as the quarterback in Baylor’s starting lineup. Playing 39 games between 2017 and 2020. Brewer finished his career in Waco with 9700 yards and 65 touchdowns. And 28 interceptions before his move to Utah in 2021.

The fifth-year senior began playing for the Utes. As the quarterback in the opening three matches of the year. But, in a loss with triple overtime at San Diego State in Week 3. He was then substituted for the sophomore QB Cam Rising.

Brewer registered in the NCAA transfer portal in October. He has played three matches this year, but he has one season remaining possibility.

When he arrives at Liberty in 2022 Brewer will take. Over the starting quarterback position left vacant by first-round draft selection Malik Willis.

A former Baylor QB Bryce Petty says Bears ‘run the entire state of Texas:

The former Baylor player Bryce Petty made a bold claim about Bears athletics. Petty said Baylor is the only state in Texas after having won a Big 12 title in football. And a men’s basketball tournament during the season’s spring. The former signal-caller placed Baylor ahead of state-wide Big 12 rivals Texas. Texas Tech and TCU, and Texas A&M to the SEC.

In Dave Aranda’s first season as the head coach of Baylor. And the Bears to an impressive Big 12 title. And an 11-2 record in 13 games in the New Bowl game scheduled for the New Year’s Six. Because of his success and his achievements. he was in the spotlight for coaching search opportunities. But it seems that he’s in place at Baylor for the long-term.

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In an interview with Big 12 Radio on Sirius XM, Petty explained why it was such a huge deal.

Baylor quarterback

“As we grew up, you had a UT banner over your bed and you wore burnt orange,” Petty declared. “And that’s changed in the past couple of years to the point. Where Baylor governs the state in Texas which I love to say that. I’ll be a snarky jerk with any person who concerns about the issue. It’s like when you’re discussing Scott Drew’s work on the court … We give a new director of basketball, but coach (Kim) Mulkey. What she accomplished on the court of basketball for women’s basketball.

It has turned into a mecca for sports, with an expectation of winning. I don’t see, in the past seven, six years, any team (being) capable of achieving. What Baylor has accomplished in the course of the six years. I keep coming back to keep the head down, and an eye on your shoulder. That’s what it’s always been. A large chunk of Waco is nothing more than … without a joke, rather a chip that you put on the shoulder every time you enter.

“That guys represent this. As we entered the room we had to set the tone … it was possible that you could decline (Texas). You could decline Oklahoma or, for my fellow teammates. Who did not receive an offer from one of these guys, that’s the thing you wanted to say on your chest. Now, it’s a situation where men are coming in as girls and guys are visiting Baylortoo to be able to compete in an award.

Baylor quarterback: “I mean that’s incredible to think about. It’s a full-circle deal and I’m excited to be proud alumni and share at that moment.”

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Baylor quarterback

Aranda ask whether that Big 12 title was validation to remain at the school. As Aranda was receiving plenty of focus for his reconstruction job.

“Well, — that’s another good question,” Aranda declared. ” It assists with it not being necessary to speak things to the cameras. However, You don’t have to be one way, and then change your mind in the absence of cameras. It’s not necessary to take all your frustration or anger and release it onto anyone. Who is within your range and then claims that that’s difficult coaching. However, It’s a good way to show that it’s not necessary to be that way and it’s well. That it’s still a process it’s because there are coaches still working to adjust to all that.

“Our recruitment during the summer was great. We’re trying to catch up with the majority of people but, you could sense the parents’ resentment. some of them were confident and had the ease of saying that. But, you could see their expressions that this is wonderful, but how do you think you’ll be successful. This is why it can help to prepare for that. There are many different ways to do this.”

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