Allen Iverson Crossover Move: How to Master in 5 Minutes

Allen Iverson Crossover: What words frighten defense personnel by hearing them? Allen Iverson AND crossover. If Allen Iverson used his patented “killer” crossover move, it did. The defender was sliding in one direction then Iverson was on the strategy to get his score. However, It was impossible. He used it to go right, and then he utilized it to the left. He utilized it to the Hall of Fame.

Do you want to learn something interesting?

It wasn’t even one of his moves. Iverson credits that move to an unidentified player. Yep! Iverson himself, coached by a walk-on player and he decided to master this skill. However, He would spend time in the gym after practice every day. learning from the walk-on, while also working on how to crossover.

What does this have to do with you?

It is a way to learn and practice using your crossover technique. If you have the time to work on these drills and incorporate a “killer” crossover dribble into your game.

By following these tips, you are on the path to becoming proficient at this move. Allen Iverson Crossover. The drills will provide plenty of opportunities to try this move And it’s only 5 minutes!

Allen Iverson Crossover Secrets

1. Allen Iverson Crossover: You’ll need a Gather Dribble

The reason for gathering dribbles is to slash the player. The goal is to have the defense shift either way or the opposite. This is possible by dribbling any way you want like a crossover. However, Behind-the-back one, an in/out, or even a through the legs dribble.

2. Allen Iverson Crossover: You’ll need to take an Illusion Step

You’ve figured out the type of dribble that you are going to use. Now, you must make a move in the direction that you want your opponent to go. You’d like to know the great defense they have. You need to determine how steady their footwork is. However, It is important to know whether they’ll take a bite from your fake.

Do your fake step and it will tell you what the right move is to help you. If they bite you on your fake steps, then you need to leave the opportunity to make the ankle-breaking step. known as that Allen Iverson crossover.

If you are taking an unintentional step impress the opponent with your entire body. When you take your step with your shoulder head, eyes, and shoulders to convince the defender. That you are moving in the direction you would like the opponent to take.

If you decide to make that faux step and the defender is still in place, you can drive straight for the basket. If you’re shoulder-to-shoulder with the opponent and you have the lane, use it. However, You don’t want to cross back into the defense so, head straight to the hoops.

It is important not to push the issue. If you attempt to take your faux step, and your defender fails to bite. You should not make the crossover to perform it. The crossover maneuver must be in your arsenal. You must shift the defender so that you can see the DAYLIGHT.

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3. Allen Iverson Crossover: You’ll Need to Make Your Crossover

If the defender bites and moves in the opposite direction. If you’d like to go then it’s time to perform that cross-over move.

When performing the crossover ensure that you don’t make the ball far enough. However, It might take far too long to reach your crossover. Don’t forget to keep the ball in your hands. It is possible to ask to a trip or carry the ball. Put your hands on the side or upper part of the ball. Anything that is below the midline of the basketball. However, It could provide the official with a reason to determine if it is an infringement or travel.

Keep the ball near and secure. When you have brought the ball back in the opposite direction to finish the cross-over. However, You must immediately place the ball on the ground by pounding. However, it is hard and immediately gets to work on what you’re trying to do.

It’s three steps but, it requires practice before you’ll be able to use it. It is important to make sure that the defender is moving your dribbles and gathers. It is necessary to make a difficult step to convince the opponent. That you’re going in a specific direction. You then finish your move with a quick crossover. When you execute these three steps you will be able to blow past your opponent. While you are attempting to get to the basket.

Why should you use this Crossover? Iverson Crossover?

The goal of this move is to take away from the defender and get you closer to the basket to score. The goal that this movement serves is to generate offense. You’re trying to be uninspiring and place your opponent on skates. With this technique, you could shoot, drive or pass to your teammate. However, You can even do it to screen a ball. When you move, it is important to study the court to find out what’s available.

  1. 5 Minute Daily Practices to Improve Your Skills
  2. 1 ISO Collect Dribble Drill
  3. Begin at the highest point of the key. an arm in front of you to act as a defender.
  4. If you want to go right Start by putting the ball in your left hand.
  5. Make sure to pound the ball one time and the crossover dribble towards your right hand.
  6. Once you have it in your left hand, make your faux step to the right.
  7. Now, bring the ball back to a crossover dribble with your left hand, as you’re about to move the ball towards the left.
  8. Do 10 reps to the right, and 10 reps toward the left.

2. Allen Iverson Crossover: Alternating Dribble Drill for Gathering

Allen Iverson Crossover
  1. In this exercise, the focus is on the final dribble of gather along with the false step.
  2. Begin at the highest point of the key. a chair in front of you as a defensive.
  3. Start by placing the ball into your left hand.
  4. Make sure to pound the ball one time and the crossover dribble towards your right hand.
  5. Once you have it in your left hand, make your fake step to the left.
  6. Now, take the ball and turn it into an acrobatic dribble with your left.
  7. Make a fake step towards the left.
  8. Then, immediately take the ball and turn it into the crossover dribble in the right of your hand.
  9. Do 10 reps on the right, and 10 reps toward the left.

Be sure that during these exercises that you’re not focusing upon the ball. Be sure to sell your fake step by using your head, shoulders, and eyes. Therefore, keep your head at a low level! Make sure that your shoulders are at the same level as your chair. Make these movements VERY hard.

Keep your eyes on the ball so that you can see the defense. You’ll want to picture your opponent biting you, to allow you to attack. You’re trying to figure out the next move you’ll make after you cross the line. Will it be an a-drive, pull-up jumper, or even a pass?

You need to be aware of your teammates and see how your offense is performing. However, This will determine the direction you take and also.

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3 Gather Dribble Between the Legs Drill

  1. Begin at the highest point of the key. a chair in front of you to act as a defender.
  2. Start by placing the ball into your right hand.
  3. You can pound the ball a few times and play it through your legs.
  4. After you have held the ball, you can take an imaginary step left.
  5. Now, you can immediately pull the ball back to the crossover dribble in the right of your hand.
  6. Make sure to pound the ball one time and repeat the pattern.
  7. Do 10 reps to the right, and 10 reps toward the left.

A simple way to remember your steps is to repeat “One dribble, gather dribble, cross.” Your one dribble is a one-pound of the dribble. However, The gathering dribble will be the one that you dribble through your legs. While making your fake step as is the cross, which will be your swift cross-over dribble.

4. Allen Iverson Crossover: Freestyle Practice (1 Minute)

This is your chance to think more. You can make use of different dribbles in your gathering dribbles. You may use many gather dribbles before you start an unintentional step.

  1. Begin by moving a bit than the seat.
  2. Do not forget to dribble it up to the chair.
  3. Then begin to use various Dribbles to gather.
  4. Crossover
  5. In the back
  6. Through the legs
  7. In/out

After any number of dribbles that gather. So, Make your fake step and complete your infamous crossover dribble.

Then, go straight into the next dribble of your gather and keep going for one minute.

The trick is to be imaginative in using different dribbles. And varying amounts of dribbles before making use of the fake step and crossover. Make use of combo moves too.


  1. Begin with the legs and Dribble towards the left.
  2. Get the ball back with the back.
  3. Do a fake step, then perform your ultimate crossover

Allen Iverson Crossover: OR

  1. Do the same thing twice.
  2. Use and out dribble.
  3. Make a faux step and do your best crossover.

Remember to be imaginative and break outside of your comfort zone. Be comfortable and at ease. As you continue to push the more effortless the movement becomes.

5 The Drill of the Moving

Allen Iverson Crossover
  1. You will now make use of the technique in a more game-like scenario.
  2. Begin at about half court.
  3. Then, you can dribble it to the chair at the high point of your key.
  4. Begin to gather dribbles in varying amounts and types.
  5. Once you’re ready to go for it, make your faux step and perform your amazing crossover.
  6. Then begin to attack! Make a few dribbles, then get up to make a jump shot or keep going to lay up.
  7. Rebound your ball and then go back to the half-court, and repeat.
  8. Do 10 reps to the right, and 10 reps towards the left.

After you have completed the perfect crossover ensure you make sure you follow it up with your next step. Get your shoulder on your opponent’s hip while you are aiming at the basket to lay up. However, The second step should be quick and difficult!

If you’re planning to come into a layup make sure to rip the ball over your ear to keep it from the opponent. Be sure to end your layup on the top of the ball.

The #6 at-home variation

There’s no gym in your area. This shouldn’t be a problem. There’s no basket to practice your Allen Iverson crossover. This shouldn’t be a problem for you. All you must is a tiny space in your backyard, basement, or wherever you’re. Therefore, This drill is possible using only 10-foot of room.

  1. Put a chair down onto the floor, or on concrete.
  2. Start five feet from the chair.
  3. You can dribble into the chair with your left hand, and then begin to gather the dribbles.
  4. Do your fake step and complete an Allen Iverson crossover, pointing toward the left.
  5. When you’re done with the chair, grab a sip.
  6. Use your left foot to start and then dribble back to the starting point.
  7. Repeat the sequence with your right hand.
  8. If you are able to get into the chair this time you’ll be putting down your right foot while dribbling your left hand.
  9. Do 10 reps to the right, and 10 reps toward the left.
  10. Keep your eyes on the ball to be able to observe both the defense and your teammates.

Practice Everyday

This is it. Only 5 minutes per day. Five minutes isn’t an excessive amount of duration. It is possible to perfect your Allen Iverson crossover technique using these drills. It takes five minutes every day. It is possible to take a full day off. You must ensure that you’re using the greatest effort. While working through these exercises, to get more efficient.

Allen Iverson used this move. Allen Iverson was a scoring machine. Use these exercises, and you’ll soon break ankles, and set records like Allen Iverson.