1998 Olympics: Take a Look Back On The Excitement

1998 Olympics: Some of the most memorable moments from the tournaments in Nagano, Japan

There are only a few hours — or days even! — away from this year’s Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea. The globe pump for the next round of speed skating, figure skating, and the luge.

It’s also enjoyable to look back over previous games and reminisce. About the memorable Olympic moments that created such an impact during their time. Moments that remain in our minds or they have fallen into the void of memory but are resurrected with the simple phrase, “remember when …”

With the next version of the competition being set to begin and the games getting underway. It’s the perfect time to take a look back from the year 1998. Winter Olympics in Nagano, Japan.

Hockey played a significant role in the Olympics in the year. Women’s hockey first made an appearance as well as NHL players permit to take part for the first time. Curling was reinstated as an official Olympic sport to the world for the first time in 70 years. And the event continued in spite of a minor earthquake that felt in one of the venues for skiing.

But, a handful of special occasions are distinct from the others and remain in our minds, even after 20 years.

The snowboarding debut of Snowboarding is ablaze in smoke

The Nagano Games were the first time that snowboarding was an official sport for medals. They had giant slaloms and halfpipe competitions for males and females. It was an exhilarating entry that provided the Olympics an air of fresh air. Made the sport’s current for a generation. That was finding it difficult to keep interested in cross-country skiing.

Besides bringing excitement Besides, the sport has also brought an Olympic-sized controversy. After Canadian Ross Rebagliati came back positive for marijuana a few days. After he won the gold medal in the men’s giant Slalom.

He claimed that it was due to secondhand smoke and, in fact. The amount detected within his body was very small and surpassed. The minimal threshold before established for him by the World Anti-Doping Agency. The IOC decided to remove Rebagliati from the medal, but Rebagliati won it back by appealing.

20 years later, due to changing views and laws. Rebagliati has re-entered the field of medicinal cannabis in Canada. After many years of trying to make it there in the corporate world.

1998 Olympics: Lipinski’s golden moment

1998 Olympics

When the women’s figure-skating contest at the 1994 Winter Olympics in Lillehammer. Norway focuses on the drama of the skates in the battle between Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan. The 1998 competition put the spotlight all back onto the ice. Thanks to the showdown among Tara Lipinski. than 15 as well as Michelle Kwan, then 17.

Kwan had beaten Lipinski in Lipinski’s defeat at the U.S. championships the month. Before Nagano but Lipinski took home both the championships in 1997. U.S. and World titles which mean Nagano was set to be the fight of the best on the largest stage.

Kwan’s impressive performance in the short competition. Gave her an edge over Lipinski who impress herself.

But, it was Lipinski who would take the gold medal by executing a stunning free skating program. That took her ahead of Kwan to make her at 15years old. The youngest person to award an Olympic medal in figure skating.

It’s not like Lipinski was not done when it came to the Olympics. In this year’s Winter Olympics, NBC paired Lipinski with another former. U.S. Olympic figure skater, Johnny Weir, for commentary on NBC’s coverage. The show was one of the most memorable moments of the Olympics. Brought a refreshing perspective and humor to the coverage on television.

Yes, they’ll be back in the 2018 Olympics. in the coming 2018 Olympics.

1998 Olympics: Sonya’s incredible backflip

This duel of Lipinski with Kwan was the most significant event. At the figure skating women’s 1998 contest. But, we shouldn’t forget another moment that was historic. that came from Nagano: Surya Bonaly’s badass backflip. In which she landed on her feet.

They are famous for their high-flying moves such as the back-flip landing from only one leg. It was a participant before, and even during training at the 1992 Winter Olympics. One issue: the move considers illegal. which means that the skater performs it during competition. (as opposed to an exhibition) could result in them penalize or even disqualified. The move pull in 1992 even during practice resulted in an admonition.

But, hurt while skating in the 1998 Games and was aware that the close to her Olympic career was in sight. After finishing in the sixth position in the opening part of the competition made. One of the most famous YOLO decisions and chose to test the backflip. In her free skating program regardless of deductions.

The Star-Tribune in the latter part of December 2016, explained her decision “I believed that it was going to be my final Olympics… The sport knows like free skating. You’re entitled to do whatever you want.”

In fact, wouldn’t medal -she finished 10th. But, this amazing action will remain in our memory for the next twenty years and in the years to follow.

1998 Olympics: The Hermanator Rises

1998 Olympics

The renowned Austrian skier Hermann Maier was kicking off one of the greatest. career paths of the past when he hit the slopes of Nagano. Although he went to collect the record four Olympic medals and many World Cup titles. His first Olympic race was quite impressive for a different reason.

The athlete suffered a shocking fall that sent him off the course, and then through two sets of fencing.

Maier came away bruised after which he took home gold in the Super-G for men’s event. Then, three days later Maier would take home gold in the giant slalom event for men.

The name “The Hermanator” was well-earned. His performance associates with what we call “the Olympic Spirit.”

Let’s look back to the memorable moments of the Olympics. That has gone by and to the ones that we’ve not yet experienced. I hope the 2018 version of the Winter Games will give us many new memories. That which we will be able to cherish in the future.

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