10 Best TNA Wrestlers That Never Fight For WWE

TNA Wrestlers

Most of the WWE and TNA wrestlers have passed and work in every promotion. However, some Impact Standouts have yet to compete in the WWE. The number of wrestlers crossing over to work for both WWE and TNA has been increasing over the years. Instead of revealing its identity, TNA has been criticized for hiring many former WWE stars.

The second scenario of TNA stars joining the WWE has become more common in recent years as the WWE seeks to build a deeper roster. There are still some great all-time TNA stars who have never done a television match for the WWE. Some names, such as Christopher Daniels, were offered to others. However, the names chosen here have never had such an opportunity to promote the world’s greatest wrestling. These TNA superstars were the best who never worked for the WWE.

10: Petey Williams

TNA Wrestlers

Petey Williams was the top heel in the X-Division for a few years as part of the Canadian team. Fans still love watching Petey wrestle with her finer. The Canadian Destroyer must watch television. TNA went back and forth in using Williams and even went through a process of firing and rehearing. Petey has never received a WWE offer, but in recent years she has stayed away from wrestling.

9:Pentagon Jr.

TNA Wrestlers

The Pentagon Jr. did not win the TNA for a long time, but his victory at the Impact World Championship gave him a place in the company’s history. Impact’s working relationship with Lucha Underground and AAA helped fuel some interest after a few years of fear. The Pentagon’s popularity saw an impact on the amazing title switch when it defeated Austin Aries to begin a short title reign. The Pentagon eventually left for AEW and never fought for WWE.


TNA Wrestlers

TNA’s knockout division has always been a strong part of the company. Most women who grew up in TNA spend something in the WWE, whether before or after their TNA. Rosemary is the best of them all to never work for the WWE. TNA gave Rosemary a chance with her role and it was a great success. Rosemary has been a constant for the Knockout Division for some time now and is one of the most successful characters in Impact History.


TNA Wrestlers

In the original LAX faction, Homicide and Hernandez worked closely with Konnan as manager. During the fight against AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels, Team 3D, and a few other face teams, LAX briefly became the top heels in TNA. Home Drawing was seen as a successful wrestler and former ROH World Champion in the X-Division. WWE has never signed Homeside as he did with most of his teammates. There were rumors that Terry Funk had tried to hire Homide to relaunch the WWE ,ECW but that never happened.

6:Sonjay Dutt

TNA Wrestlers

I saw a unique scenario for Sonjay Dutt in which he was hired as a producer by the WWE while he never wrestled there. Dutt had some notable spots in his TNA that were mainly in the X-Division. Many of the moves invented by Dutt were innovative and showed how unique he is to an actor. Before making the leap to WWE, Dutt got backstage as a producer for Impact. Longtime TNA fans would love to get a run in the WWE on-screen and remove their names from the list.


TNA Wrestlers

The TNA made Magnus its top-ranked star as it climbed from the hometown team to the mid-card to the success of the major event. As the leader of Dixie Carter’s heel faction, Magnus finally gained enough momentum to win the TNA World Championship. Many fans expected Magnus to eventually end up in the WWE when his wife, Mickie James, returned to the company. WWE did not offer him a contract, and he is now committed to the NWA brand as the face of the show.

4:Amazing Red

TNA Wrestlers

The X-Division will begin with watching matches with the amazing Red, which explains the identity of the new concept. Red played great matches in the first year of TNA with AJ Styles, Jerry Lynn, Low Ki, and many others. The company brought him back a few times and there were always great matches with him. Red has never had a major break in wrestling and has never lost a job for the WWE. Since then, New Japan has started booking it in 2019 to provide the biggest platform of its career.

3:Jay Lethal

Jay Lethal signed the name with TNA at an early age, at the end of which he made his name. Stand-out matches against Ric Flair, Kurt Angle, and Jeff Jerrett at various points in his career demonstrated his ability. TNA never went all the way with Lethal and slowed down whenever it was running out. Lethal joined the Ring of Honor after the release of his TNA, and since then there have been zero exhibitions at the WWE.


Femmer Abyss’s TNA Hall did its best to help the company grow. Abyss often took part in violent shows on the show, known for his use of weapons such as barbed wire, thumbs and everything in between. Programs with AJ Styles, Kurt Angle, Sting, and Christian Cage showed that he can hang out with the best of them all. Abyss is currently a WWE producer, but has never wrestled for the company. Tommy Dreamer revealed that WWE wanted to sign Abyss in 2006 to fight Undertaker. Abyss was loyal to TNA and re-signed another agreement there.

1:Chris Sabin

TNA Wrestlers

Chris Sabin’s all-round success in TNA has made him a respected name in the company. Sabin won eight championships in the X-Division, setting a record of 432 days. The tag team is running with Alex Shelley as the Motor City machine gun increased the popularity of each of them. Sabin even won the TNA World Championship to hold out the top of the mountain. WWE has never signed Sabine on any occasion, although he has always been a talented star.