10 Best Mark Henry Matches Ever, Ranked

Mark Henry Matches

Henry’s time in the ring was remarkable, and here is a glance at the best matches of his vocation, positioned arranged by memorability. 

Imprint Henry had an amazing profession with WWE, that put him in the Hall Of Fame in 2018. Henry initially showed up with WWE in 1996, and for the following twenty years, he would engage WWE fans until resigning in 2017. He originally discovered notoriety with the consistently famous Sexual Chocolate trick and afterward tracked down the most accomplishment of his profession with his Hall Of Pain contrivance. 

Henry was a three-time champion in WWE, including a double cross World Champion. As one of the best huge men to at any point venture into a WWE ring, Henry put on a lot of incredible matches throughout the span of his profession that fans will consistently recall him for. 

10:Mark Henry Vs. Sheamus – Summer Slam (2011)

Mark Henry Vs. Sheamus - Summer Slam (2011)

In 2011, Mark Henry presented the Hall Of Pain contrivance. This part of his vocation saw Henry contend in a portion of his most prominent matches and accomplish his most prominent achievement. At the absolute starting point of this run, Henry contended with Sheamus in a match at Summer Slam 2011. 

This match was a full scale fight, and Henry was amazing all through. The most essential piece of the match was the finish of it when Henry pummeled Sheamus through the ringside blockade. Sheamus couldn’t make it back into the ring and Henry won by check out. 

9:Mark Henry Vs. Matt Hardy – No Mercy (2008)

Mark Henry Vs. Matt Hardy - No Mercy (2008)

In the 2008 WWE Supplemental ladings, Mark Henry was leading to ECW. It didn’t take him long to have an effect as he won the ECW Championship in his introduction match on the brand. Henry wound up losing the title to Matt Hardy in the ECW Championship Scramble at Unforgiven 2008, which set up a championship between the two at No Mercy 2008. 

The match wound up being a decent David versus Goliath issue, with the group totally behind Hardy. Solid dealt with Henry’s leg the whole match and it at last aided him win as he conveyed a Twist of Fate to get the 3 check and hold the ECW Title. 

8:Elimination Chamber Match – Elimination Chamber (2013) 

Elimination Chamber Match - Elimination Chamber (2013

On the February eighth, 2013 scene of SmackDown, Mark Henry crushed Randy Orton to acquire a spot in the Elimination Chamber match at Elimination Chamber 2013. In this match, Henry, Orton, Jack Swagger, Chris Jericho, Kane, and Daniel Bryan competed to procure a counterpart for the World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania 29. 

The whole match was extraordinary and Henry looked dominant. He entered the match last and immediately dispensed with Daniel Bryan and afterward Kane. It took Jericho hitting Henry with a Codebreaker followed by Orton hitting him with a RKO to kill him. This match took advantage of Henry’s natural abilities splendidly and was one of his last extraordinary matches. 

7:Mark Henry Vs. Enormous Show Vs. Daniel Bryan – Royal Rumble (2012) 

At TLC 2011, Big Show crushed Henry for the World Heavyweight Championship which was immediately followed up by Bryan trading out Money In The Bank and winning the title from Big Show. 

In 2012 between three men set up a Triple Threat Steel Cage match at Royal Rumble. It wound up getting the late evening going with a bang. Each man assumed his part consummately. Henry gave it all that he had however it was Bryan who held the title. 

6:Mark Henry Vs. Rey Mysterious – SmackDown (January 20, 2006) 

On the January twentieth, 2006 scene of SmackDown, Mark Henry took on Rey Mysterious in a match where the victor gets a World Heavyweight Championship match against Kurt Angle at Royal Rumble 2006. 

This ended up being a decent specialized match with extraordinary ring brain science. Henry was in charge through a lot of it however Mysterious continued revitalizing. Eventually, Henry was simply a lot for Mysterious and set him aside with the World’s Strongest Slam. 

5:Mark Henry Vs. CM Punk – Raw (April 2, 2012) 

Mark Henry Vs. CM Punk - Raw (April 2, 2012)

After WrestleMania 28, Henry entered a small-scale quarrel with CM Punk over the WWE Championship. Their first counterpart for the title occurred on the April second, 2012 scene of Raw. 

The group was totally connected beginning to end which just aided this match. Henry and Punk recounted a decent story and Henry resembled a flat out beast all through. He really pulled out the amazing triumph, however Punk actually held the WWE Title since it was by check out. 

4:Mark Henry Vs. Randy Orton – Night Of Champions (2011) 

This was effectively the main match of Mark Henry’s vocation. For quite a long time, Henry was developed as an unsurpassable beast which at last prompted a match against Randy Orton at Night Of Champions 2011. 

On the off chance that Henry lost this match, all that he accomplished for as far back as a couple of months would have been in vain and he most likely could never be treated appropriately as a World Championship danger again. Yet, Henry came out and looked extraordinary. He and Randy Orton put on a phenomenal match and it finished with Henry asserting his first World Heavyweight Title. 

3:Mark Henry Vs. Big Show – Vengeance (2011)

In the wake of safeguarding his recently won World Heavyweight Title against Christian and afterward on numerous occasions against Randy Orton, Henry’s next challenger was Big Show. Their first crash for the World Heavyweight Title was at Vengeance 2011. 

The World’s Strongest Man and The World’s Largest Athlete put on an incredible match with a stunning second being when Big Show kicked out of the World’s Strongest Slam. In any case, the one thing that this match will consistently be associated with is Henry Superplexing Big Show off of the center rope, making the ring breakdown. 

2:Mark Henry Vs. CM Punk – Raw (April 16, 2012) 

In the wake of winning his two past matches against CM Punk by means of check out and exclusion, Mark Henry got a third chance at the WWE Championship when he took on Punk on the April sixteenth, 2012 scene of Raw in a No Count-Out, No Disqualification match. 

The start of the match was exceptionally even with both Punk and Henry getting great shots in at one another. Halfway through a steel seat turned into the weapon of decision between the two and it wound up being the reason for Henry’s death. At the point when he attempted to hit Punk with a sprinkle in the corner, he ran recklessly into the seat. Punk at that point hit him with the seat off the top rope and crushed him to hold the title. 

1:Mark Henry Vs. John Cena – Money In The Bank (2013) 

Mark Henry Vs. John Cena - Money In The Bank (2013)

On the June seventeenth, 2013 scene of Raw, Henry pulled off perhaps the best turn in WWE history when he faked his retirement and assaulted John Cena. This prompted the last WWE Championship match of his vocation when he took on Cena at Money In The Bank 2013. 

This match surpassed the most elevated of assumptions and the group made it far superior. Henry was for all intents and purposes relentless to begin the match yet John Cena at last countered. Henry had the option to kick out of the AA which made fans figure he may get an opportunity, however he in the end wound up tapping to the STF.